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famous W trek. It is just over a two-hour flight from Santiago.”


lth of information to share. Argentinian cuisine

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Brazil Bain professes Rio de Janeiro as being ideal for beach lovers with Copacabana a notable hot spot for sun worshippers. “For a different kind of beach, though, clients should check out Fortaleza in the north-west. It’s laid back – you pay local prices and can eat cheaply in local restaurants. For those who want silver sands and turquoise seas, Brazil is the only South American destination to offer that.”

The Amazon Three to four nights should be enough time for clients to take in the Amazon, Bain explains. “If they take a river cruise, they go a lot deeper into the jungle and ultimately see a lot more flora and fauna. It’s very safe, and even though it’s set up for tourism, it still feels like a proper adventure.” For those looking for a little more respite, Juma Amazon Lodge should be right up their street, says Bain.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

and will mean that clients can adventure down the coast of South America from Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso. “Prices will go up closer to the sailing, of course,” she adds. Silversea is offering some exciting new

itineraries onboard Silver Explorer too. Akvile Marozaite, Silversea’s regional sales manager – expeditions, shares details of its Antarctic expedition taking place during January-March, 2017. “This trip will have your clients taking

in some of the most breathtaking nature and wildlife. We adventure across rolling moorlands to see the rock hopper penguins and we provide clients with

Peru For clients who appreciate culture and history, Bain suggests they check out the capital of Lima. “You’ve got plenty of museums there and a cathedral, but I would warn them it can get quite busy and noisy. Send your customers to Cusco (for Machu Picchu), from where they can travel to Lake Titicaca, the highest point in Peru.”

intimate encounters with the nesting Albatross too,” she says. Clients will journey ashore onboard

rubber inflatable boats and will be joined by an expedition team comprising marine biologists, ex-scientists and guides,” adds Marozaite. “By having a large number of

accompanying staff, we can organise experiences for all fitness levels, from fossil hunting near the shore to trekking further inland to spot more wildlife. Back onboard, guests will gather for a daily recap of what they have learnt before having a chance to take a dip in one of the two hot tubs available.”

Andrew, right, with agents on the product training day

Agent rewards Bain wraps up with a reminder about the lucrative earnings agents can enjoy. Consultants booking the tailor- made itineraries, usually two weeks on average at £3,000-3,500pp, will receive 12% commission. Furthermore, for every five bookings agents will have a chance to win a


Kerry Cook, sales consultant at Deva Travel, Chester: “You’re meeting the companies face-to-face and you can draw on their experience. South America is my area of interest. I’ve been to Peru and Brazil but not all the destinations that Latin Routes sell. It was great to get the knowledge of the areas that you will potentially cover.”

Laura Diores, managing director at Priority Go, London: “I prefer events like this, when there is so much detail on the product – you get to learn much more. We don’t sell South America that often, but we want to in the future.”

Steve Curry, owner of Holiday Affair, Broxbourne: “The day was structured very well and well executed. I can now pass on what I’ve learnt to future customers with confidence. It was one of the best training sessions that I have ever been to.”

27.10.2016 29

10-night holiday to any destination in South America. The training culminates in a wine-tasting game followed by fine Argentinian-inspired cuisine at Cau in St Katherine Docks. The whole day certainly gives the agents in attendance an appetite to sell Latin America.

Katherine Lawrey 020 3714 4112

Abigail Healy 020 3714 4113

Andrew Doherty 0203 405 6526

The event culminated with wine-tasting

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