APRIL 2015/ISSUE 24.7


SocGen reaches decision on core system delivery partner HP believed to have been chosen to implement Temenos’ T24, rival Accenture leaves empty-handed

Société Générale (SocGen) is believed to have con- cluded its search for an integration partner for its core banking software modernisation project. The winner is believed to be HP, with rival Accenture leaving empty-handed. SocGen has been looking for a core banking

system to roll out as a standard solution across its multiple international subsidiaries and branch- es. At present, many of these sites are supported by the Delta-Bank system (now branded as Sopra Banking Amplitude) from France-based develop- er, Delta Informatique (now residing in the hands of Sopra). In late 2014 it emerged that Temenos’ T24 core banking system was the bank’s preferred option for

this initiative and that HP and Accenture were the two candidates for the implementation contract. It is believed that Sopra held numerous meet- ings and talks with the bank regarding the rela- tionship. The T24 project, however, has been scaled

down from the original broad geographical span, it is understood. Similar to the venture with Julius Baer, Temenos will implement its core system in one region to begin with, most likely the Middle East. Then there will be a decision on expanding the scope and further roll-outs. T24 was meant to be deployed in the region at

the Lebanese subsidiary of SocGen, SGBL, in a stan- dalone project, but the outcome is still awaited.

Pan-European instant payments infrastructure mooted EBA Clearing has set up a taskforce to bring European Central Bank’s vision to reality

Plans to create a pan-European instant payments infrastructure have taken a step forward, as EBA Clearing, the bank-owned provider of several key payments infrastructures in Europe, has laid out the roadmap of its taskforce designed to evaluate potential instant payments solutions. This follows on from the endorsement of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) proposals around instant payments, published in November last year, by the European Retail Payments Board (ERPB), and the subsequent call to action to the supply side of the community. EBA Clearing’s taskforce, which convened for the first time in February, expects to have a proposed solution on the table by June this year, with the build work starting in 2016 and an aim of having a

new infrastructure operational in 2018. EBA Clearing’s taskforce is made up of 20

experts among its member base, says Erwin Kulk, head of new developments and innovation, Step2 services at EBA Clearing. ‘We expect that the task- force will deliver in its blueprint both the require- ments for the central infrastructure as well as the way the payment service providers (PSPs) will con- nect to that infrastructure,’ he says. Kulk outlines that use cases for instant pay-

ments will be defined on a country-by-country level, whereas EBA Clearing’s focus will be more broad and focused on the operation of the infra- structure.

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