beachcombing memory garden. Principles of memory recall and wayfinding have been incorporated by locating features at key points on the route. These features include objects from the local environment, as well as items donated by the local museum.

Every detail considered

Every detail has been considered, so that residents can continue to live as they did in their own home. For example, the local practice of keeping chickens led to provision being made for coops in the grounds, while raised beds in the vegetable garden provide allotments for residents. A local hobby is for people to gather items washed up from the sea. The community and school will come together for a beachcombing day, and will create a garden area by arranging the items collected. Visitors and residents will be able to add to the garden in the future, and so it will evolve over time as a personal place of memories.

Robust building services

We work to ensure energy efficiency on all projects, but of course in the Falkland Islands it is crucial to conserve fuel stocks. The early involvement of our electrical and mechanical engineers means that that the right solutions could be incorporated early in the design to efficiently provide heat, power, and lighting. Due to the

An artist’s impression of one of the wing spaces.

Islands’ remote location, the size of the resident labour market, and available local resources, we had to consider the modularisation of building services shipped over from the UK, which presented challenges in terms of scheduling and logistics.

The best option was found to be modularising the plant rooms with ‘plug and play’ solutions that would work alongside the existing Islands’ infrastructure, while ensuring increased levels of resilience around life safety systems for both the new facility and hospital redevelopment.

We have provided effective, low maintenance solutions, and ensured that there are sufficient resources of spares, as well as interchangeability of components,

given that any replacement parts would need to be shipped or flown in from the UK. We have also employed a ‘fabric first’ approach, adopting UK regulations as best practice, so that materials with low U-values are utilised. With high thermal performance and triple-glazed windows employed throughout to prevent heat loss, the extra care facility will be as energy efficient as possible. These also provide good acoustic defences to minimise the impact of any inclement weather.

Civil and structural engineering The site is located in a prominent position

overlooking the sea, and on a slope down to the coastal path. To construct a flat site for improved access for residents and visitors, we had to solve the challenge of



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