“Unexpected sounds can also trigger panic or stress reactions among some more vulnerable patients and service-users, so – while a system where all the sounders are alarmed in the event of a fire may be acceptable for some facilities – for another a better option might be to have the fire alarm ‘silent’, or perhaps to opt for a voice alarm with a coded message to avoid panic induced by loud sound alarms.

Importance of engagement “At Static Systems we have worked on a number of projects designing and installing fire detection systems for mental health facilities and facilities for vulnerable people. There is no doubt that client engagement both at design stage, and throughout the installation process, pays dividends. It’s often about striking a balance; systems need to be designed to ensure compliance and the safety of all staff, visitors, and service-users, but must also take into consideration the sometimes challenging and unpredictable behaviour of those service-users, and the requirements of staff.

“Systems integration is a growing area – it’s now quite straightforward to integrate fire, attack alarm, nurse call, paging, telephony, and other systems to avoid numerous different indicators, and provide a more effective alarm management system and protocol. We anticipate further growth in this area over the coming years.”

Paul Pope

Paul Pope is head of System Integration and Technical Support at Apollo Fire Detectors. He has worked in the fire and security industry since 1985, and has held senior management positions in some of the UK’s leading companies. He graduated as an engineer from the Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE), of which he is still a member. A director of the Fire Industry Association, he has been active for many years in the Association’s working group for the design, installation, and commissioning, of fire detection and alarm systems. He also is a member of the Building Fire Safety Systems Section of the NFPA in the USA. Having joined Apollo Fire Detectors in 2000, he has held the roles of Technical sales manager, UK Sales manager, and Business Innovation manager. He moved to his current role as head of System Integration and Technical Support in 2016, and is responsible for Apollo Panel Partners, Warranty, and Technical Support.

Alex Southall

Alex Southall is Proposals manager (Fire Alarm and Custodial Solutions) at Static Systems Group, where he is responsible for fire alarm and custodial estimating, liaising with the external sales team and the company’s fire alarm product management team, and developing new-build tenders and solutions for large-scale, complex system upgrades. He joined Static Systems in 2013 as estimating engineer, before moving to his current role three years ago. Prior to joining the company, he initially worked as an electrical installer, and later moved into fire alarm commissioning, where he was involved in the commissioning of large-scale prestigious sites for various other fire alarm companies.


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