Secure door specialist aiming at new markets

Bedfordshire-based Stafford Bridge is best-known as a supplier of high security blast and ballistic-resistant door and window products. With its product portfolio set to grow significantly in the next few months with the addition of several new door variants, a new factory having begun manufacture in late 2016, and a new showroom just completed at its Pavenham headquarters near Bedford, the company is, however, keen both to expand its customer base, and to build awareness of its products in both the mental healthcare and the acute health sectors, as The Network’s editor, Jonathan Baillie, reports.

The Healthcare and Education Sector Projects manager at Stafford Bridge, Clive Seakens – who only joined the company in January, but has spent many years in the doorset and associated security sector – began by explaining when I met him at the Pavenham office and production facility that the business has a ‘long-standing blast and ballistics background’, having supplied robust doorsets for the Ministry of Defence for some years. He said: “That, in turn, led us on to working with large organisations including London Underground and Network Rail. We can supply a range of sites requiring robust blast and ballistic-resistant doors and windows with purpose-designed products tailored to their needs.” Over the past 5-10 years, he explained, the company had also developed a range of robust seclusion room doors for mental healthcare settings, and now supplies many of the UK’s mental health Trusts and private mental healthcare providers

with such doorsets – most notably perhaps in the latter case, St Andrew’s Healthcare. Such doors incorporate features such as a choice of hardwood veneer, antibacterial impact protection sheet, or high impact laminate finish, robust morticed mechanical multi-point locking mechanisms, access control systems for remote locking and unlocking, hardware designed to comply with the Door and Hardware Federation’s TS 001:2013 B4 anti-ligature standard, high density 800 kg/m3 hardwood cores, full-length continuous hinges with anti-ligature tips – again tested to the DHF TS 001 standard, and a range of user-specifiable vision panels.

A new ‘suite’ of doors

Over the past 2-3 years, however, Clive Seakens went on to explain, Stafford Bridge had noticed that, alongside continuing demand for its seclusion room doors, there was growing interest from

specifiers such as estates managers in both mental healthcare and, increasingly, the acute sector, for a range of robust, low-maintenance. and aesthetically- appealing doors for more general applications – such as for corridor, bedroom, and office use. Accordingly, the company has spent the past two years developing a suite of new such products, which it can now showcase in its completed new showroom. These doorsets are designed and constructed using the company’s ‘unique’ CareCor technology, which it says ‘ensures strength, durability, functionality, and aesthetics’. They are designed ‘to help create a safe, secure environment for mental health and general care facilities’. The CareCor specification includes: l High density minimum 800 kg/m3 hardwood cores;

l Hardwood lamels finger-jointed at both vertical and horizontal joints;

l Hardwood lippings with radius corners to help prevent self-harm and injury.

Like the doors for mental healthcare use, the new doors for more ‘general’ healthcare use will be available with a variety of anti-ligature hinges, handles, door stops, and locksets, and will all offer FD30/FD60 fire resistance. Also available will be a range of Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, CareCor, and CareCor Plus specifications, while, via its links with both its parent company, Surelock McGill, and other group companies, plus a range of ‘partner suppliers’, Stafford Bridge will be able to incorporate a wide range of components – from locksets to vision panels – as selected by the customer.

Rigorous testing Part of the production and assembly line at the Pavenham facility. 16

It is this ability to supply complete doorsets incorporating preferred components from a range of manufacturers both within and outside ‘group’, its commitment to rigorous testing of every component before doorsets leave


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