community services. who is working with a neighbouring mental health Trust ‘to develop an estates strategy that captures all of the mental health requirements for Greater Manchester’. Jonathan Campbell was elected to the DiMHN Board last year. Other speakers will include Richard Walker, director of Capital Investment & Estate Services at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, while in an intriguingly titled address by Wendy de Silva, mental health lead at IBI, and Claire Dalley, director of Estates and Facilities at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, ‘Horizon gazing from viewing mounds – our vision of an integrated future’, the speakers will describe the ‘physical vision for the estate’ at the city’s Warneford Hospital.

Care for ‘the superior classes’ Opened almost 200 years ago to provide mental health care for the ‘superior classes’, the hospital has ‘expanded incrementally’ over the years, and now undertakes ‘ground-breaking work’ with Oxford University and its third sector partners, several of whom occupy the newer buildings. The speakers’ synopsis says: ‘By involving patients in their research, the department has been able to characterise the nature of mood disorder more accurately.’ They add: ‘Technology being trialled on wards includes Oxehealth’s digital video cameras, which remotely detect pulse and breathing rates. Warneford Hospital’s original buildings and grounds, complete with airing courts and viewing mounds, have served the local population well for the last 200 years, but are no longer fit for purpose. IBI and the Trust are thus developing a vision for the physical estate which can house integrated care, working closely with university colleagues and other research/ third sector organisations.’

After lunch delegates can again choose from presentations in two streams – one entitled ‘Project Spotlight’, and the other ‘Clinical Design’. Speakers in the former will include Derek Shepherd, a director at P+HS Architects, who will discuss ‘Modernising mental health in the Vale of York’, and Professor Paul Reavey and architect, Rosemary Jenssen, director at Jenssen Architecture, focusing on ProCure22 projects in the mental healthcare arena..

Clinical design

The Clinical Design stream – the two concurrent sessions will bring the conference to a close – will be chaired by Chris Dzitiki, Mental Health lead at North Central London STP, and Dr Faisil Sethi, consultant psychiatrist & interim service director at the Maudsley Hospital, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. The synopsis says: ‘As clinical care pathways continue to change to support patient recovery, so too does the design of mental health environments and operational policies that underpin care delivery, especially in inpatient facilities. In this session, the speakers will demonstrate


Outspoken heath campaigner is this year’s after-dinner speaker

This year’s after-dinner speaker will be Phil Hammond, an NHS doctor, investigative journalist, broadcaster, campaigner, and comedian, who qualified as a GP in 1991, and currently works in a specialist NHS centre for children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. He has been Private Eye’s medical correspondent since 1992, a presenter on BBC Radio Bristol since 2007, and has won awards for broadcasting, popular health journalism, comedy, and teaching. He presented five series of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor on BBC2, and in 2014 and 2015 was voted a ‘Top 100 NHS Clinical Leader’ by Health Service Journal. Although Phil Hammond has never belonged to a political party, he was highly critical of the Health and Social Care Bill (now Act) in a BBC1 Question Time debate with then Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, criticising the reforms, and arguing that there was ‘no convincing narrative explaining the reasons for the changes’. He has written five books – Medicine Balls, Trust Me, I’m (Still) a Doctor, Sex, Sleep or Scrabble?, What do Doctors Really Think?, and Staying Alive – How to Get the Best from the NHS.

how design and innovative systems can positively impact on patient recovery, patient experience, and clinical outcomes, helping patients get back in the community, and thus decreasing the pressures on mental health services and inpatient beds by reducing the length of their hospital stay.’ Mike Caulfield, an advanced nurse practitioner for Rehabilitation at Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, will discuss ‘Red2Green in CWP’ – a process and set of principles to support patient flow within mental health inpatient settings, ‘through supporting a focus on resolving issues to progress patients along their discharge pathway’. The aim is to reduce the Trust’s bed occupancy rates from 98% to 85% by improving patient flow on inpatient wards, and to enhance patient experience and care by ensuring that each day spent on the ward is ‘value adding’. Meanwhile, in a presentation entitled ‘Mental Health@Home: Issues, Solutions, & Interventions’, Richard Mazuch, director of Design Research and Innovation at IBI

Group, will focus on ‘how mental health is seldom addressed in the engagement of the design of the home and its related domestic spaces’. He will consider ‘what might be the issues, solutions, and possible design interventions’, and how assistive design and technology ‘can be supportive of the varying profiles of mental soundness, as well as identifying the flash points to avoid’. Such issues as ‘cabin fever’, loneliness, self-worth/esteem, post/ prenatal depression, personal spaces, isolation, ‘walkabout’, boundaries, ‘raging adolescent hormones’, ‘sundowning’, sleep deprivation, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, bipolar depression, dementia, hypo/hyper sense sensitivities, and ‘post-op recovery/ rehabilitation’, will be investigated.” Two live case scenarios will be used to further inform the presentation.

l The April 2019 The Network will feature a further DiMH 2019 event preview, including information on what exhibitors will be showing.

To register for the 2019 Design in Mental Health Conference, Exhibition, and Dinner, visit Further information is also available from the event organisers, Step Exhibitions. T: 01892 518877, and by visiting



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