encouragement to drink and eat healthily, and to take exercise in the lunch-hour. Healthy hydration fits well with the healthy atmosphere of the 11 offices, including the HQ. Water coolers are situated around the offices and in every meeting room. These are not only convenient but calorie-free and tooth-kind as well. The BWCA member also supplies energy-saving hot water boilers for making warm beverages.

In addition to the mainly POU units in the fixed offices, Skanska is supplying essential refreshments to thousands of workers on sites up and down the country. “Apart from storage and delivery, a challenge is the particular sanitisation needs on building sites,” said Matt Hemming, who manages the Skanska account for the BWCA member concerned. “Building sites require that we keep coolers clean and water stored correctly. Our adherence to the stringent BWCA hygiene guidelines is essential to us and to our customers. We are proud of our excellent record when we are audited and we usually share this achievement with Skanska and other customers”.

Although there is a fixed term contract the business relationship is ever- evolving. Phil Sefton explained: “We were keen to encourage [our supplier]


WATER COOLERS Visit the forthcoming trade show organised by BWCA on Thursday 17th March 2016 from 1-5pm at The Nottingham Belfry, Nottingham NG8 6PY. As well as providing a one-stop shop to learn all about the latest coolers on offer, there are free seminars. This follows the ‘Leading the Way’ conference, which is a ticketed event. The trade show is a must for FMs involved in specifying, procuring or supplying the water cooler industry.

Register at:

to opt into FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) accreditation. Because they are delivering large quantities of bottled water, on behalf of Skanska, I wanted to ensure that carbon emission impacts were minimised. FORS contributes to that guarantee. We were very conscious however that for this supplier there is a cost attached. All credit to them: our chosen supplier went for it and we believe it is the only cooler company in the UK that has a FORS medal. It gives them an edge. We like this kind of flexibility”. Matt Hemming agreed: “We are glad we pursued FORS now as it is a selling point, like our membership of BWCA”.

There are strict service level agreements set by Skanska, not just in terms of bottle delivery but also replacement units if a dispenser fails and servicing requirements. “Every supplier signs up to the Skanska code

of conduct,” said Phil Sefton. “We never have to check the terms of business as everything runs smoothly. We have a great working relationship”.

The familiar image of rows of construction workers sitting on a wall during breaks downing sugary soft drinks is fast becoming a thing of the past. Research by Zenith shows that people who have water available to them and who drink a lot of healthy water during hot weather continue the water habit long after the sun has gone in.


COOLER DO I NEED? Bottled water coolers are ideal if:

• there is no convenient access to potable mains water;

• you have a suitable storage location for bottles;

• you want flexibility to move the position of your coolers.

Mains-fed (Point of Use – POU) coolers are ideal if:

• there is access to potable mains water;

• storage space for bottles is limited.

They key need is to choose a reputable supplier. BWCA members are accredited and rigorously audited.


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