‘KETTLING’ PROBLEMS Portsmouth Rugby Club is taking advantage of Sentinel Commercial’s KalGUARD, a highly successful electrolytic scale inhibitor kit that is scientifically proven to prevent limescale formation in hot water systems.


TO OFFICE DESIGN The trend for high quality refurbishment projects in the office sector is set to continue into 2016, due to the continued shortage of new build office space on the market.

Space-pod, a leading office design agency, is recommending that utilising space differently is essential to re-work offices to suit current and future needs. Recently space-pod increased the capacity of a clients’ office to enable them to employ 380 additional staff and create over 650 further meeting spaces without the need to move to larger premises.

The club turned to KalGUARD after discovering an extremely loud banging noise coming from one of its hot water boilers, which was then just five-years-old. The noise, known as ‘kettling’, is caused by an accumulation of limescale deposits on a boiler’s heat exchanger. The clubhouse is also used to host weddings, birthday parties and society dinners, seating up to 150 people. With all this in mind, a hot water boiler making a horrible clanging noise is hardly suitable.

“We cannot predict that office needs will not change for the next 10 years. Quite the opposite, we are now certain that they will. Therefore space needs to be flexible and the key to future proofing is intelligent, creative planning,” said Kevin Parker, CEO of space-pod.

It used to be that an internal office refurbishment would only take place every decade or so. Needs therefore were pretty static at that time. Right now, commercial space management is more difficult with the shortage of office space and the cost attached.

Today’s needs are for break out areas, eroding the concept of a

builds up in pipes, calorifiers and other heating system components. Wherever it accumulates, limescale can lead to reduced energy efficiency – British Water states that just 1.6mm of limescale build-up can increase a heating system’s fuel requirement by as much as 12%.

House Manager Jim Dixon confirmed: “The construction of our current clubhouse was completed in 2000. However, one day in 2005 we heard a terrific clattering noise, a kind of banging from one of the boilers.”

Although kettling can in fact be caused by a number of issues, in hard water areas, limescale deposits are the likely culprit. In addition to affecting the heat exchanger, limescale

Mr Dixon said: “The boiler manufacturer sent an engineer along, he confirmed that heavy limescale deposits had formed on the heat exchanger surfaces. To avoid the same thing happening again, the boiler manufacturer recommended installing KalGUARD from Sentinel Commercial.”

As a council-sponsored facility, Portsmouth Rugby Club had to approach the council with the idea of fitting KalGUARD. The council arranged for a local contractor to

desk or work area personal to an individual. However, predicting future needs can be more difficult. What does this mean for someone planning an office refurbishment?

“At space-pod, we have experience of how to design and execute these spaces. Whilst the specific design will be bespoke to any organisation there are specific concepts that work and can be applied, so looking at what other businesses have found successful, and what has not worked, would be essential homework,” continued Parker.

“This all works well for today’s needs however, it is harder to determine what the near future will hold and whether the office needs will continue to serve the business over the next decade. Thus, the returns on the investment in office space can be short term unless some flexibility is built into the design. It is essential to cater for change in the use of the space over time” he said.

install KalGUARD on the inlet pipe serving the two hot water boilers.

“Since the installation of KalGUARD in 2005 I’m very happy to report that we haven’t encountered any further noise episodes from either boiler.” said Mr Dixon.

Sentinel Commercial’s KalGUARD is a WRAS-approved electrolytic scale inhibitor device for commercial hot water systems, and represents a low maintenance way to protect facilities against limescale.

Despite the heavy usage and hard water area of the Rugby Club, KalGUARD has proven to be extremely low maintenance. Since 2005, the anode has only required replacing once, in 2010. TOMORROW’S FM | 13

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