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T is is exactly what one global mining company discovered. It had a policy of scrapping motors because of the corrosive nature of the calcium carbonate within its mine on the motor’s bearings. However, using the latest motor technology it discovered an energy- effi cient design that stood up to the hostile environment. Now it no longer scraps its motors and keeps them running for a lot longer.

Application-specifi c know-how For any mine building new lines or refurbishing existing ones, it is important to involve the motor supplier at the start of any project; during the FEED stage. Suppliers have a wealth of know-how about all applications where motors are used, from pumps, ventilation and conveyors to crushers, hoists and drills. T at means they can advise on temperature rise, IP-classifi cation, insulation type and compatibility with other products, such as couplings, gearboxes and variable speed drives (VSDs). T ey can spot pitfalls in technical specifi cations that can lead to over-dimensioning, unnecessary energy use and higher maintenance costs.

Overall system effi ciency is a driving force in the mining business. A materials handling system, for example, will perform only as well as its component parts. Changing one component can often have an impact on other devices in the drivetrain. Engaging a motor supplier with comprehensive application know-how can provide access to advice on mounted bearings, couplings, gearboxes, CSTs, electric motors and VSDs. In many cases the supplier can provide a complete integrated package. T e benefi ts are a drivetrain that is matched perfectly and an application that works fi rst time at optimum effi ciency. Because of the locations of mines, a manufacturer must be able to support its products locally in all countries. T is covers the needs of end users and OEMs and extends from delivery expectations to location of stock. Correct installation and proper maintenance

are important in maximising reliability. A good motor manufacturer should take these factors into account from initial design onwards. ●

Tom Eklof and Peter Svartsjo are with ABB.

A good investment is not determined by the price, but by the cost of ownership. That’s why we make pumps designed for the things that really count: long operating time, less need for supervision and low costs for maintenance and spare parts.

Because quality pays in the long run.

A good investment shows in the long run. That’s what our pumps are all about. 39

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