Why I Advocate ASC community members share their thoughts BY DANIELLE KASTER


SCA would like to recognize and thank all the individuals

who have participated in ASCA’s advocacy opportunities, including attending National Advocacy Day, hosting a facility tour and writing a letter to Congress. Advocacy matters because you matter and your patients matter. Advocates bring a voice to the ASC community and that voice fights for the ability to provide cost-effec- tive, high-quality care to America’s patients. Thank you for your com- mitment to the ASC industry. For more information on advo-

cacy opportunities, please write Dan- ielle Kaster, ASCA’s assistant direc- tor, grassroots & political affairs, at ASCA community members advo- cate for myriad reasons.


“The Ambulatory Surgi- cal Center Quality and Access Act of 2015 (H.R. 1453) inspired a passion in me to advocate for

payment equality between ambula- tory surgery centers and hospital out- patient departments. As a new administrator for a small

ambulatory surgery center, I was able to witness directly how these reim- bursement issues were jeopardizing the longevity of our centers. With the support of the associa-

tion, we were able to host discussions with local government representa- tives, which, I believe, contributed to the traction of the proposed bill. ASCA’s remarkable reform efforts ensured the continuation of our per-


sonal and convenient services to patients and surgeons alike. I am a proud ASCA member who is eager to participate in the future growth of ASCs.” Jeanette R. Ball Chief Executive Officer The Surgical Center of the Treasure Coast

“The ASCA fly-in was invaluable for two main reasons. First, to be edu- cated: attending opened my mind to understand

more deeply the key issues within our industry that we can make a difference with. And second, to be heard. Walk- ing the halls of Congress allowed me

to have a front row seat and have the ears of those we have elected to act in our best interest and ensure they heard our voice as to what our interests are.” Lisa Cooper, RN Principal and Chief Executive Officer Advocare+/Santa Cruz Surgery Center

“Investing your time and participating in advocacy is one of the most impor- tant things you can do. It is your opportunity to

educate and to help make meaningful changes for the future.” Krista DuRapau Executive Director Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society

ASCA’s remarkable reform efforts ensured the continuation of our personal and convenient services to patients and surgeons alike.”

— Jeanette Ball, The Surgical Center of the Treasure Coast

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