One opportunity to do this is ASCA’s 2019 National Advocacy Day on Sep- tember 24. During National Advocacy Day, ASC community members travel to Washington, DC, to meet with their members of Congress and staff. More than 500 individuals have participated in this opportunity over the past three years. ASCA’s National Advocacy Day program brings the ASC industry’s voice to Capitol Hill.

One of the reasons a constituent

meeting is so effective is because con- stituents give a first-hand experience of the issue. Patient and ASC staff testimo- nials can be incredibly moving and can serve as a powerful catalyst that encour- ages policymakers to act. Members of Congress and their staff want to hear how they can support the individuals and families living in their district. ASCA’s Government Affairs team

provides National Advocacy Day par- ticipants with a legislative briefing and training session the evening before the Congressional meetings. During the session, ASCA’s lobbyists explain the legislation that participants will be lobbying on and how it benefits the industry. They also discuss the current political climate and what oppositional arguments participants might encoun- ter. ASCA’s staff also walks through how to conduct an effective meeting with a member of Congress, including how to begin the conversation and how to ask for support. ASCA provides a complimentary

dinner after the training session. The 2019 National Advocacy Day training session and dinner will be held at the Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill. Participants will be able to walk to their Congressional meetings the next day. After the Congressional meet-

ings, ASCA encourages participants to send an email to the Congressio- nal office to thank those involved for the meeting, ask for their support and invite both the member and staff to tour an ASC. ASCA staff will pro- vide templates to assist.

Top, left to right: David Shapiro, MD, CASC, former ASCA Board president and anesthesiologist at Red Hills Surgical Center in Tallahassee, Florida, Robin Ward, division sales manager at Medline Industries in Northfield, Illinois, and Representative Neal Dunn (R-FL) at ASCA’s 2018 September National Advocacy Day. Bottom: Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) (left) and Ken Hammer of Portage, Michigan, at ASCA’s 2018 June National Advocacy Day.

ASCA’s facility tours program is

another effective opportunity to build relationships with policymakers and give them a first-hand look at what happens in an ASC. During the tour, participating ASC staff walk their leg- islators through the patient experience from check-in to discharge. Some even observe cases. To ensure the ASC facility staff are confident in their ability to host a tour, ASCA provides materials that include talking points, information about

ASCs in the state and other helpful information. ASCA would like to get every new member of Congress into an ASC in 2019. Registration for ASCA’s 2019 Nat- Advocacy Day opened in


March. The deadline to register is September 6. For more informa- tion about ASCA’s 2019 National Advocacy Day or hosting a facil- ity tour, write Heather Ashby

at ASC FOCUS APRIL 2019 | 11

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