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Huddle space solutions

Some believe that huddle space solutions are just smaller versions of their meeting room equivalents - but there are other options.

Flagship LCD video wall from Barco

Barco claims that its super long-lasting UniSee video wall platform will 'redefine the mar- ket' for years to come. With its 'No gap' technology, where the inter-tile gap is almost invisible from normal viewing distances, UniSee is said to 'surpass all other offerings currently avail-

and control rooms, the entire LCD video wall is completely bezel-less, creating a seamless viewing experience.

The mounting system, which is said to ensure perfect align- ment of the LCM panels, also hosts all input and power mod- ules resulting in significantly re-

top three in the market. “The launch of this groundbreaking new product will give a signifi- cant boost to Barco in this mar- ket, enabling it to challenge for market leadership and secure double-digit growth across sev- eral verticals.”

Barco installed a 334-panel LCD wall in the briefing room and mez- zanine floor of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh.

able on the market'

Barco UniSee is based on a modular platform, with individ- ual in-house designed and pro- duced LCM panels fitted onto an innovative mounting system that is 'powered by gravity'. Designed for high-end meet- ing rooms, lobby and recep- tion areas, experience centres

Futuresource argues that the $23.8

billion global profes-

sional display industry has “entered a phase of flux”, with several factors contributing to unparalleled product conver- gence across multiple applica- tions, including the advance of consumer displays in digital signage. This shift is leading to discernible uncertainty among market players up and down the supply chain.

The disruptive advancement of consumer TVs sales into

duced set-up and maintenance requirements for installers. Barco is already the worldwide leader in the rear projection vid- eo wall market, holding a mar- ket share of 44% in EMEA and 39% in the Americas. For LCD video walls, Barco has an 18% market share in both EMEA and the Americas, putting it in the

entry-level signage, and gener- al B2B environments is an in- creasingly important dynamic. Futuresource predicts sales to soar in B2B environments at 22% CAGR from 2017 – 2021. Independent ‘Mom & Pop’ style stores, as well as a multitude of other small establishments like schools, restaurants and medi- cal centres, are increasingly fa- vouring consumer TVs, a trend mirrored in the corporate world. Both collaboration and con- nectivity are also key themes.

MADE SIMPLE. Logitech SmartDock with Skype Room System and MeetUp is coming to a huddle room near you.


George Stromeyer, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Barco Enterprise di- vision, said: “Barco has made material investments in LCD, positioning the company for growth in the LCD-video wall market for the coming years. We are very proud of the Bar- co UniSee product, which will become our flagship LCD video wall platform from here on in. It fits firmly within our ambi- tious growth strategy, strength- ening our position as a tech- nology leader in visualization solutions by raising the bar for the LCD video wall market.” UniSee has a 55” active display area with Full HD res- olution (1920 x 1080), and a typical brightness of 800 cd/ m2 and a 100,000-hour life- time (said to be around 67% longer than most mainstream solutions).

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The case for the meeting room projector

The corporate meeting room market is now dominated by flat screens, but there are still opportunities for projectors.

Misco in administration

There was a time when the col- lapse of Misco, after almost 30 years. Would have been almost inconceivable. It its heyday, Misco had revenues over £300 million, operating profits of over £10 million and more than 600 staff. In recent months, the Misco UK name disap- peared and a rescue attempt to keep a rationalised business afloat fell through.

Administration was an- nounced just seven months after a new management team headed by Alan Cant- well, backed by Hilco Capital, bought the UK and European business from long-time parent Systemax for £1. Problems be- setting the company before the new team took over are being blamed for its demise, rather than any structural weakness in the sector. The problems are believed to be specific to the company. Mike Norris, Chief Executive of Misco rivals Computacenter plc, said: “We have never been more optimistic about the mar- ket’s potential, as customers invest capital,

digitalise their

businesses and require sup- port to reduce their long-term operating costs. It remains

Professional displays challenge by consumer TVs

Consumer TV-based digital signage solutions are on the rise, posing a challenge for professional commercial displays.

An increasing number of end users are working collabora- tively in meeting rooms, shar- ing multiple content streams from multiple devices. “This has resulted in a number of display manufacturers in- creasingly embedding wire- less technologies in their solu- tions, or launching peripheral devices offering this function- ality. There has also been a recent swell in the launch of end-to-end interactive solu- tions from ecosystem play-

ers (namely Microsoft, Google and Cisco) which is redefining how a display solution is both perceived and utilized,” com- mented Mcintyre-Brown. All of which provides further insight and vision for the changing needs and opportunities in this space.

critical that Computacenter invests too, in skills, tools, automation, infrastructure and customer satisfaction as we remain more focused on our long-term performance than the short term. As can be seen from recent results, our investments over the last few years have paid off but they are not guaranteed. However, market opportunity and com- petition makes this continu- ous investment both attractive and necessary.” Misco UK’s operating losses, on the other hand, widened to over £8 million in the year before the change in owner- ship, Systemax gave up and sold up. Credit insurers began cutting their exposure to Mis- co and distributors became unwilling to deal with the reseller, with just a few sup- porting the business until the end. Towards the end, Misco’s Alan Cantwell was rumoured to be trying to raise additional finance. Misco Group’s oper- ations in Spain, the Nether- lands, Italy and Sweden are said to be unaffected by the administration. “As part of efforts to recapi- talise the company, the direc-

tors initiated a marketing pro- cess to protect the UK business as a going concern and engaged in constructive discussions, but once firm offers failed to mate- rialise, the pressure on cash-flow was unsustainable,” Admin- istrators FRP report. “The UK business had moved to a system of supply chain outsourcing of stock, with increasing levels of automation to enable greater ef- ficiencies with suppliers and dis- tributions and overall lower cost, however these efforts came at a time of heightened competition from other globalised online re- tailers which have eaten heavily into margins of even established resellers like Misco”.

The direct channel to the industry

+ SmartDock

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