MAY 12 - 25, 2017 Mayor steps in over beleaguered market

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has stepped in to try and ease concerns over the city’s St Johns Market, after its much vaunted refurbishment last year and threats by the council to evict one of its longest serving traders. It has already been claimed

that the revamp has left the market lacking in atmosphere, but matters were brought into sharp focus due to a bitter legal battle between Liverpool City Council and a popular trader known as Chicken George. The dispute between the council, which owns the market in the shopping centre, and Colin Laphan, who runs the Chicken George stall, dates back to 2016 when the £2.5m refurbishment of the market was unveiled. Mr Laphan, who is also

chairman of the St Johns Market Traders Association, told local media the stalls don’t have phone lines or wi-fi, while a lack of footfall means 80 percent of the traders aren’t making any money, as a consequence of which they have not paid their rent or service charge. He added that the council

had told him that his agreement with them was not a lease but a tenancy at will, which can be terminated at any time, and the authority wanted to terminate it because of his failure to pay. But Mr Laphan claims he

does have a lease, signed in December last year. He said: “I’m devastated,

I really am devastated, I just don’t know what to say. I‘ve been here since I

was a lad, when I left school. “They’ve told us we haven’t

signed a lease which we did. I signed it myself and I handed it in myself. “They need more variety of

stalls, they need more stalls in, and we need more people coming in but they’re not coming in because there’s not many stalls.”


Now Mayor Joe Anderson has stepped into the breach to try and address the issues, embarking on a walkabout earlier this month and talking to traders at the market. Mayor Anderson had

already admitted on social media that the £2.5m overhaul had “no vision”, saying he would step in personally to address the criticisms. Bringing in experts

with “commercial and entrepreneurial flair” to help with the design and layout of the market is one of the ideas being put forward, along with identifying ways to attract more traders and shoppers. During his visit Mayor Anderson told local media: “The purpose of the visit is for me to be able to see exactly the issues that face the stallholders here. “I accept responsibility for it

not being as good as it should be and I want to get it back to being a viable and successful market. “There’s clearly a lack of

atmosphere – they’ve got some issues around many of the stalls being closed – so we’ve got to deal with that, understand their concerns, and make sure that we’re listening to their views and

Market development in Preston continues to make progress

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Revamp promised for Chelmsford indoor market

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Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has stepped in over criticism of the city’s revamped St Johns Market (Photo: UKTI)

make sure that we take appropriate action to turn this round.

“We’ve invested £2.5m in

it, it looks fine, but I have to be honest that it looks cold and there’s very little atmosphere, and we’ve got to do something about that by making sure that we get more footfall coming into the market.” St Johns market, which last

had a refit in 1971 when it was relaunched by The Queen, re-opened in November following its overhaul. The new look event

incorporates a number of fresh and contemporary features, including a purpose built food court to tie in with the growing popularity of “street food”, and flexible space for temporary events and speciality markets in a bid to help boost footfall. For the benefit of customers

there are new seating areas with capacity for 200 people, new lifts to the balcony level and new public toilets. In response to previous criticisms of the £2.5m revamp a council spokesman told local media: “Whilst we accept that

Extra day for market

A popular indoor market in Shropshire is now open four days a week, as part of a number of new initiatives aimed at getting more shoppers spending on the stalls. The market in the Powys

ISSN 2057–6781

Hall in Oswestry has traditionally opened its doors on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but stallholders will now be able to trade on Thursdays as well. It is hoped this will provide

a more level playing field with the town’s shops and stores, and that the move will encourage more traders to join the market. Indoor and outdoor markets in Oswestry are managed by

the town council, which is also bidding to move some of the outdoor stalls from the town’s Bailey Head into Bailey Street. Shropshire Council was

due to debate a planning application for the change of use of the street on Wednesdays and Saturdays at an upcoming meeting of the north planning committee. An artisan market held on

Bailey Street on the last Friday of every month is already set

up, and has seen an increase in the number of traders since the stalls were moved. Town clerk, Mr David

Preston, told local media the town’s markets were an ideal place for young people looking to start up in business. “We have a lot of young

people in Oswestry with great entrepreneurial skills and ideas. Our markets are an idea place for them to try out those ideas.”

20th & 21st MAY, 2017 Anglesey Agricultural Showground

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the site has had some teething problems, in our view St Johns Market is progressing towards a positive and successful future.”

Markets celebrate LYLM fortnight this month

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