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April 2017

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Twice the fun as rival pantos revealed News

THE county town will host two pantos this year when the Hazlitt Theatre faces competition from The Maidstone Studios at Vinters Park. Cinderella and Peter Pan will go

head to head at Christmas in a fes- tive battle for bums on seats. A spokesman for the Hazlitt said: “Bring it on. All competition is good.” But marketing and devel- opment manager Michelle Wood- land said: “It would be wrong for us to say it is not a concern. “The panto is our big earner. a successful panto means the theatre can run for the rest of the year.”


Bus firm offers new route to town centre

NU-VENTURE bus bosses are to start a new route providing a regular off- peak service during theweek to the town centre from Gatland Lane.

The No 1 will be hourly and will

pass through Hackney Road and Upper Fant Road from April. The announcement followed a meeting with Norman Kemp, direc- tor of Nu-Venture, and Kent county councillors Rob Bird andDanDaley. Itwas prompted by Arriva’s deci-

sion to reduce the Number 8 to run every 70 minutes and to delete Number 86 from the Fant area. The new service will depart from

the bus stop at the junction of Gat- land Lane withTerminus Road from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Return services will leave from

bus stop H1 at The Mall every hour from 10.10am to 1.10pm. Cllrs BirdAndDaley said: “This is excellent news from Nu-Venture,

coming soon after the disappoint- ment from Arriva. “We hope Fant residents will

make good use of the new service and thus help ensure its future.” Mr Kemp said that the Fant serv- ice was an “evolving situation”

Nu-Venture director Norman Kemp with bus passengers and KCC councillors Dan Daley and Rob Bird

which was yet to be passed by the regulators but it is hoping to imple- ment it even earlier than planned. Mr Kemp also said that a relief

road from the A274 – which would take vehicles in and out of south Maidstone around Langley and

Leeds - will make access to many vil- lages easier for buses and their cus- tomers.


Whilst a route by-passing com- munities might not help a bus com- pany, it will take traffic off roads. Mr Kemp added: “The time has 23 Pudding Lane • Maidstone • Kent

arrived when the roads are too full – we are at saturation point.”

Allotment facelift

A SHEPWAY mum is leading a posse of gardeners to transform overgrown allotments into a community green space. 3

Langley Park opening

LANGLEY PARK primary school has been officially opened by MP Helen Whately.

Goobye, Mr Music

JEFFREY Vaughan Martin was remembered at a special concert in his memory. 10

New secondary plan 14

PLANS have been revealed for a new science school to be run by a local trust.

Conmen target old

POLICE have warned older residents to be on guard for fraudsters.

17 Pupils up in court

LOCAL students have taken part in a mock courtroom competition.

Obituaries 32 34 Crime Reports 46

A BOARDMAN bike was stolen from a garage in Allington; prop- erty was damaged maliciously in Straw Mill Hill; jewellery and a mobile phone were taken in a burglary in Highland Road; a skip was stolen from a builder’s yard in Courtenay Road.

Parish Councils 46

DATES for the annual parish meeting in Barming have been announced; the Tovil fete will be held at the Kent Fire and Rescue Service station; an asbestos issue was identified in the Brooks field shed in Loose; a quote of £7,500 has been obtained for the cleaning and restoration of the war memorial in Barming.

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