Tariro - Hope for Youth in Zimbabwe Louise Heffernan

Tariro’ means ‘hope’ in Shona, the main lan- guage of Zimbabwe

One of the two charities supported by St Michael’s in their 150th year since foundation, Tariro is a small grant making charity based in the UK that raises money to support orphans or young people whose own parents can’t look after them anymore. It funds between 45 and 50 young people who need help and support in four centres in Zimbabwe; supporting them through school and then with further education or practical pro- jects until they are able to live independently.

clothing and school fees where appropriate, gives these young people a better start in life usually through the chance to attend school. For other youngsters, an agricultural project has been set up so that they can learn better ways of farming than they might learn with their own families. Similar groups have been set up in Chipinge and She- rugwi.

Tariro would like to do more work with the chil- dren from the refugee camp in Tongogara and are supporting a few through boarding school to help them leave that depressing environment. Howev- er, they lack the resources to do more. Donations

April 2017

Tariro gives these children and young people hope when they have had none; it gives them a reason to live, and helps them to thrive.

The charity has bought a house in Harare which is home to 17 young people, some still at school, others at university or college. The house is run by the youngsters themselves with the help of a housemother and visits from a social worker to help deal with tensions and problems, some of which arise from their experiences of grief and loss.

The charity has three other projects running in Zimbabwe, one of which is supporting the Angli- can mission of St Augustine’s in Penhalonga. Here teenagers may be living at home but in im- poverished circumstances. Provision of food,

are making a real difference but there is much work still to do.

St Michael’s is supporting two charities this year as part of their 150th anniversary year outreach. One is Tariro:

The second is The Abingdon Bridge, an Oxfordshire charity which supports young people in challenging circumstances. De- tails of this charity and its excellent work locally have been described in a previous edition of The Window, and more details can be found on their website:

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