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SageGlass® , the dynamic glass from Saint-Gobain, chosen for Transformation of Lambeth Civic Centre

SageGlass, a product of the global Saint-Gobain group, has been specified as part of a major development in London; the new Lambeth Civic Centre.

London architectural firm, Cartwright Pickard has specified SageGlass, the smart tintable glass solution from Saint-Gobain, as part of the ‘Your New Town Hall’ project designed for the London Borough of Lambeth. Work is currently underway on the

redevelopment scheme in the heart of Brixton, which will deliver a modern and sustainable new civic office and customer service centre, regenerate the Grade II Listed town hall and provide 194 new homes to create vibrant new civic and community spaces. SageGlass is an intelligent solar control

glazing solution which offers an energy- efficient and maintenance-free alternative to blinds or shades. By blocking sunlight on hot days, SageGlass dramatically reduces energy demand and the need for heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), while increasing occupant comfort and well-being. Lambeth Civic Centre occupants will be

able to enjoy unobstructed views of the outdoors, without suffering from heat and glare. The glass solution has been largely chosen for its ability to provide reliable year- round indoor comfort, while at the same time ensuring long-term sustainability for the building – sustainability being a key objective for Lambeth Civic Centre. Indeed, once complete, the project will

deliver a 120,000 sq ft BREEAM ‘Excellent’ building. Up to 5 of the 10 BREEAM categories should be boosted by using Saint-Gobain’s dynamic glazing solution. SageGlass may have contributed towards the delivery of up to 48 credits of the 70 required to achieve the Lambeth Civic Centre’s ‘Excellent’ rating.

Security Are UK Security firms increasing in value?

As the UK economy continues to gain confidence, there seems to be some more encouraging news for the UK’s largest Security companies. A new study from UK business analysts Plimsoll, which has analysed the financial health of the largest 2069 Security businesses operating in the UK, indicates that, on average, Security firms have increased in value by 5 % in the last 12 months. The 2017 study states while average company value within the industry has

40 fmuk

increased by 5%, further data reveals 146 trail-blazing firms are leading the charge having seen their worth soar by 10% or more. Further findings from Plimsoll show:

• Overall, the value of Security firms analysed in the report are up 5%

• However, 206 businesses have seen their value fall by a third

Plimsoll’s lead author, David Pattison, said: “As a director, taking stock of your company

value is a great barometer to measure your success and to analyse the overall state of the market. In all, we have identified 146 businesses that have increased in value by 10% and their financial performance adds to the belief that the overall market is continually improving. “Having said that, we have seen 206 businesses that have seen their value fall by over a third and it is clear that, although the market is improving, it is still a challenging landscape.”

Over 340 square meters of SageGlass

will be used within the atrium of the Civic Centre, with 6 sizes of rectangular panes, of up to 1.5m x 2.5m in size, due to be installed later this year. The entire facade within the Civic Centre’s

atrium will be made up of products from the Saint-Gobain group. As well as Saint-Gobain’s SageGlass product, the installation will see Glassolutions, also part of the group, provide its VS1 aluminium system for use within the atrium. Both products will be expertly fitted by Glassolutions’ Advanced Facade Installations. Adrian Gallagher, SageGlass Specification

Manager for UK and Ireland, said: “We’re very excited to have been selected by

Cartwright Pickard to contribute to this ambitious project, our largest to date in the Capital. Once complete, the Civic Centre will deliver a modern and energy-efficient office environment for Lambeth and its community. “The atrium is the ideal setting for

SageGlass and will provide a real showcase for Saint-Gobain with the Glassolutions VS1 system used to complement our product in situ. This is just one of many exciting projects that we have planned within the Capital, and wider UK, in 2017.” From reduced energy consumption

through to the increased comfort and well- being of building inhabitants, SageGlass is a product innovation for the habitat, and offers great new design opportunities for architects.

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