Top 10 Pitfal of doing an LED Retro

With LED technology now a proven technology, up to 80% energy savings are available. Given the current pressure on businesses to become more efficient, switching to LED makes sense. Here, Harvey Sinclair, CEO of Energy Works plc, explains the top 10 pitfalls Facilities Managers need to be aware of when doing an LED retrofit.

Pitfall 1: Buying on Price Alone

‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ – a sound word of warning in the world of LEDs. High quality LED solutions should last between eight and ten years, however cheap LEDs can last less than half this time and compromise lighting levels. Buying cheap LEDs is a false economy. Whilst high quality, more efficient LEDs are more expensive, they can generate a much higher return through project savings over time.

Pitfall 3: Thinking its Cheaper to “Do It Yourself”

A point for point replacement LED solution seems simple. However navigating the world of LED technology is complicated and requires in depth knowledge of specification and lighting design. Most facilities teams are busy managing or implementing budgeted projects, therefore the cost of prioritising an LED project

Pitfall 2: The True Cost of Delay

Most businesses think that value is created through haggling over the cost of technology or installation. However, the project savings lost through a delay in transition to LED lighting is by far the greatest value driver onany project. In fact, delaying by as little as 30 days could be the equivalent of to a 5% reduction in the cost of installation.

Harvey Sinclair, CEO of Energy Works.

over and above existing projects can be significant.

Pitfall 4: Using Your Own Capital to Pay for an LED Solution

LED lighting is typically not a core business priority, so why don’t more businesses consider lighting like they do their software or telecoms infrastructure? Although capitalising an LED solution is one option, there are also zero-capital options that allow a business to transition to an LED solution, without any need for upfront investment. Using a managed service or a “Light as a Service” solution can give businesses the best of both worlds – a high quality LED installation that optimises savings and maximises light levels, whilst releasing valuable budget for other higher priority capital projects

Pitfall 5: Not Commissioning Lighting Design

‘It is only a point for point swap out’ is a common phrase uttered when lighting design is mentioned. However, commissioning a

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