March 2017

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Incorporate strength training into your exercise routine

It’s easy and the benefits are huge – including better capacity to react to the unexpected and avoid falls.

Janet Cranston

s we age it is natural for our bodies to lose muscle mass and it is more difficult to build strength. Maintaining strength allows us to enjoy an active lifestyle and also allows us to live independently for a longer period of time. Strength train- ing is also good for keeping our bones strong and healthy. The benefits of strength training are vast. In addition to helping burn more fat, a larger muscle mass is associated with a healthier heart, improved joint function, relief from arthritis pain and higher self-esteem. While many wom- en do not strength train because they fear gaining weight, just the opposite


Broad range of health services is delivered with unbounded care at Deer Lodge Centre.

Ryan McBride Work on those muscles. The benefits are huge. u 6 'Strength'

The privilege of shopping at Costco

Dorothy Dobbie S

hopping at discount stores can be try- ing. And if you are shopping at a mem- bership discount warehouse, then you may be more tried than you bargained for – although you may find it worth it for the deals.

The biggest membership discount store in the world is Costco. Many people love it, swear by it and fiercely defend its policies. Others see is somewhat differently. At Costco, if you survive the fight for a parking spot (it’s a popular place), you en- ter a concrete-floored, ante-room populated by shopping carts and suspicious people de-

manding to see your membership card. Clear- ly, it’s a privilege to shop here, but that is just part of the strategy – the “membership has its privileges” psychology is a powerful draw for many people. Once you have run the membership card gauntlet, you enter a warehouse with goods piled a mile high in a vast space teeming with grim-looking shoppers pushing giant carts. The shoppers at Costco are not here for plea- sure. They mean serious business. How they increase your spend What looks like a lot of product is mislead- ing. There are piles of each product, but in fact Costco stocks only about 4,000 items compared to grocery stores at 40,000 and u 4 'Shopping'

Deer Lodge started out as a convalescent home for First World War vets and still maintains 140 priority access beds for veterans as part of an agreement with Veterans Affairs Canada.


But you may not know the degree to which Deer Lodge Centre has adapted its programs and services to meet the needs of the broader community – not just veterans – over the past 100 years.

“People who walk in here are often surprised by how much we really do, how much we offer,” says Gordon Far- doe, executive director of the Deer Lodge Centre Founda- tion.

For instance, Deer Lodge provides rehabilitation servic- es, mental health outreach programs, a day hospital and adult day care for cognitively impaired community clients. It’s also home to a pulmonary rehabilitation program for people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary dis- ease and other lung diseases.

The operational stress injuries clinic located at the centre serves Canadian Forces members and veterans, members of the RCMP and their families who are dealing with extreme stress or trauma. And the centre’s movement disorders clinic provides a multidisciplinary approach to treating people living with Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome and more.

u 4 'Century'

hen you hear the name Deer Lodge Centre, you probably think of aging military veterans in long-term care. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

Where history happens


Deer Lodge Centre’s

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