RAF FF turnson the heat


Latest Service leavers guide

Bloodpressure awareness

AbusyRAF singlemumis urging colleaguesnot to keep issues to themselves aſter spendingawinter without central heatng in her Service Families Accommodaton.

Voyage to Antarctica

The latest editonofthe Service leaver’s guideisavailable online. The service leavers guideoffers informatonand advice prior to and aſter leavingregular service.

RAFFootball Courses

PHEcalls forgreater high bloodpressure awareness. As manyas5.5 million adults in England with undiagnosed high blood pressureare risking heartatack,stroke or even vascular dementa.

Civilianhousing briefs2017

AlisonDavies (24), an Operatonal Meteorologistwith the Leeming Met Office,was one of 76 women scientsts who took part in the Homeward Bound Project expediton.

Renting your home

The RAF Football Associaton has a handful of datesand locatons lined up forcoaching and/or refereeingcourses over thenextfew months.

Happy NewYou with MoneyForce

Datesfor the 2017 JointService Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) civilian housing briefs areonline. Open to all Service personnel and dependants, at anystage of their Service career.

Scampton Airshowthis year?

Personnel redeployedwithin the UK will now be abletorentout their homes withoutfacing higher costsorhaving to changetheir mortgage.All part of the ArmedForcesCovenant.

Better Combat Compensation

The team at MoneyForce sharetheir latest news with you, with afreefinancial toolkit to makelifeeasier.

Keep safe whilst job searching

Scampton Airshowisthe East of England’snewestairshow, taking place justoutside the historic Cathedral Cityof Lincolnonthe 9-10September 2017at RAF Scampton, home of the RedArrows.

Boost for motorists

Go on...challenge yourself

The RAFAssociaton has lots of challengeeventstochoose from to keep fit andraise moneyfor aworthwhile cause including The Edinburgh Marathon Festvaland London to Paris cycle ride.

Letuskeep you up to date

Our eBULLETIN subscriptonlistisgrowing in numbersand is becoming apopular way to keep youuptodate. Here’showyoucan subscribe and receiveaweekly ‘drop’ of RAF relatednews into your inbox.

Free Property Alertservice

Over 50,000 sign up forLand Registry’s free Property Alert service. The service helps people to detect fraudulentactvity on their property by sending them email alerts.

Walk With The Wounded2017

Membersofthe Armed Forces and their families areset to receivebigger compensaton payments forinjuries or death sustained in combat.

6 Envoy Spring 2017

Read about SAFERjobsand the work they do to preventrecruitmentfraud. SAFERjobsisanon-profit, jointindustry and lawenforcementorganisaton setup by the Metropolitan Police in 2008.

Newproposals unveiled which would extend the period before the firstMOT test is needed from 3to4yearsunder plans to save motoristsmorethan £100 million ayear.

Getyour walking boots ready fortwo major Walking With The Wounded events this year: the Fiſth Cumbrian Challenge and the Balmoral Challenge.


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