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By KamKaur,Senior Marketing Executive at the RAF Benevolent Fund

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We all experience family stress from time to time but when things get too much it’s diffi cult to know where to turn. The RAF Benevolent Fund is there to make life a little easier for Serving personnel with a wide range of welfare initiatives for couples and families.

Financial support When things are tough fi nancially, every penny counts. The Fund stands ready to help in cases of fi nancial need through our Minor Financial Assistance Scheme, which the Chief Clerk runs on our behalf, or through the Committee process at Head Offi ce.

Abreak by the sea Separation, frequent moves and long tours can take their toll on family life. Many RAF families face unique pressures and getting away from it all can make all the difference in being able to carry on and cope.

To support serving RAF personnel, the RAF Benevolent Fund has four cottages on the south coast in Rustington, giving families, friends and couples a chance to relax and recuperate.

The cottages provide modern, spacious accommodation and are wheelchair accessible with open plan living, and provide everything you need to get away from the pressures of service life.

To fi nd out more or to book a break visit

Relationship support The RAF Benevolent Fund is working with Relate to provide a range of services to help when home life is stressed or when relationships break down.

32 Envoy Spring 2017

•Counselling. We will pay for up to six counselling sessions with Relate, which can either be face-to-face or via a web-based Live Chat. Call 0845 077 5556 for fast track access to speak in confi dence to a trained Relate consultant or to access Live Chat visit

•Mediation. If you need mediation to resolve any issues in the case of a relationship breakdown, we can assist towards the cost of mediation services with an approved provider, including paying the full cost of an initial session and subsidising the cost for a standard package of further sessions. This reduces the need

•Online support. Serving members of the RAF and their partners can access a free online course designed primarily for those who are in new relationships or experiencing a change to their situation, providing support before serious problems begin. This can be accessed at uk and both partners can use this service, either together or individually.

to gain legal advice and could save much larger legal fees, at a time of signifi cant fi nancial distress.

Support for parents and RAF children We’ve worked with RAF Community Support staff for years to enhance our vital support for parents and children, building Airplay play parks, refurbishing child care centres, and providing Airplay youth support workers on or near RAF stations.

More recently we have launched new initiatives for RAF families on or near RAF stations including:

• Ben Parenting. Helping to fund low cost courses for RAF parents on tackling everyday challenging behaviour amongst children.

• Ben Play. Low cost activity-based courses for parents and children on how to get the most out of play.

• Ben Clubs. Building on the popularity of Airplay, Ben Clubs provide new youth support services for 5-8 year olds.

Station grants We also help by providing a range of grants to RAF stations to help well-being and morale, such as those to support Station Families Days, the provision of station cinemas, help in buying furniture for communal areas and many more.

Please visit for further information or to contact us. 

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