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Recent changes to THE EXCHANGE

by Ryan Fisher, Journalist

Herts for Learning Ltd is very pleased with the progress on the Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust (HfL MAT) which was founded by the company in 2016.

The HfL MAT is the first of its kind and is being described by the Department for Education as a SIP MAT – a school improvement partner MAT. This is due to the association with the success- ful founding organisation Herts for Learning

Ltd, with its experience of delivering a well-de- veloped range of innovative and high-quality school improvement and education business services and track record of working with schools of all types and phases to bring about rapid improvements.

“Schools and academies in Hertfordshire have a strong history of working together and shaping the landscape to create an environment in which schools support each other and children thrive,” explained Jan Paine, Managing Director at Herts for Learning.

Parent2Parent® The Parent2Parent® “HfL Ltd was co-produced with schools to

develop into a company that serves their needs, and the HfL MAT has also been designed with many of the schools interested in joining having an input into its development. For those schools, there will be a strong sense of ownership and belonging to the HfL MAT which we believe will provide a good foundation for its success.”

The decision to set up the Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust (HfL MAT) arose at the request of a

Continued on page 12 programme now available for secondary schools programme is already running successfully in primary schools

throughout Hertfordshire, with positive feedback from headteachers, parents and children alike. The programme has also been written for parents of teenage children, has successfully been piloted, and is now available in secondary schools.

To book, or for further information, please contact Julie Garstang on 01438 844853 Continued on page 2

ACADEMISATION Almost a year has passed since the government announced their plans for academisation and many are still unsure about the future of their setting. Herts for Learning has been busy prepar- ing information, resources and advice that are available for all settings, whatever stage of the journey they are on. Page 12.

BUSINESS SERVICES Whether HR Services, Governance Services, Financial Services, ICT Services, Business Management Services or Procurement Services, HfL is committed to providing effective, flexible and high-quality support for schools and academies. Find out more on page 13.

Following feedback from schools, the editori- al team for The Exchange, Herts for Learning’s company newspaper is pleased to announce new changes and additional pages to its current format.

Along with updates to the existing 12 pages, four new pages have been added to ensure shareholders remain up to date with the latest changes, policies and services that could affect their organisation.

These new pages include:

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