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30 November 2008
IDEA: The restrained grey tagline whispers:
IDEA: This idea stopped the usually
“Look carefully and you may see sides of embittered Media Week in its tracks with
Client: Citroen C3
beef near the car.” What fresh hell is this?
Client: Toronto Humane Society
its towering wall of cuteness. “I am an ex-
Agency: Euro RSCG, Buenos Aires
Media Week is well aware of the superiority
Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto
cellent source of outside!” says a cartoon
Creative director: Gustavo Reyes
of Argentinean cow, but does that mean we
Creative directors: Judy John,
puppy; it’s black, blank eyes defying you
Art director: Ramiro Garcia
want to have our eyes drawn to this carcass-
Israel Diaz
to disagree. “We’re the reason people have
Copywriter: Alejandro Devoto fest as if to road kill? Road kill! There’s a Art directors: Anthony Chelvanathan, laps!” a darling bunny rabbit points out.
connotation you want when advertising a Monique Kelley Media Week already has a pet at home
car. Come to think of it, perhaps I’ll buy one
Copywriter: Steve Persico,
otherwise we’d be right at the front of the
of these and go out for a steak.
Marcus Sagar
needy Canadian kitten queue.
IDEA: A ha ha! We always suspected those
IDEA: A powerful concept that reminds
Client: Eurostar
fur-headed sentry men weren’t quite hu-
Client: National Sea Rescue
South Africans how many lives have
man. This advert for Eurostar reminds the been saved by Sea Rescue since 1967;
Agency: Leg, Paris
French that ‘It’s summer time in London’.
Agency: Ogilvy, Cape Town
the campaign features a series of posters
Creative director: Gabriel Gaultier
Although Brits know that summer in Lon-
Creative director: Ryan Reed
showing people who had been rescued by
Copywriter: Clemence Cousteau
don would actually mean the cranium in
Art directors: Jennifer Macfarlane,
the lifeboat service. Arresting images of the
Art director: Clement Langlais
the photo getting an extra layer of insula-
Carl Willoughby
rescued against windswept backgrounds re-
tion rather than shaving it off, the Frenchies Copywriters: Cuan Cronwright, veal their meaning with poignant tag lines.
won’t know that until they reach UK shores Jake Bester In this case, “She’s 58, because we’re 40.”
and are trapped. Trapped and forced to eat
Photographer: Dave Southwood
Indian takeaway and be mugged by rabid
IDEA: Drivers everywhere will be famil-
IDEA: In an Absolut world, tomorrow’s
Client: Mercedes-Benz
iar with the sickening rush of adrena-
lottery numbers would be announced the
Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf
line that accompanies being forced to day before, leading everyone to go out and
slam on the emergency brakes. This
Client: Absolut
purchase more and more Absolut Vodka to
Creative director: Tom Hollander
typography-led print campaign for the Agency: TBWA New York celebrate their winnings. What a party that
Art director: Sven Klasen
Mercedes-Benz brake-assist system with Creative director: Mark Figliulo would be. Media Week does not advocate
Copywriter: Markus Steinkemper,
‘foresighted radar technology’ is like the
Art director: Dave Sakamoto
gambling or drunkenness. Absolutly not.
Toni Selzer
Green Cross Code for grown ups.
Copywriter: Jonathan Marhsall
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