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30 November 2008
IDEA: An attempt to associate Masafi
Client: Masafi
tissues with lush nature. The brand
Client: Jaidah Group (Chevrolet
Lots of little horses. To illustrate
Agency: Muse
promises a fresh spring feeling all year
how much horse power the Corvette
round, hence the image of green grass possesses. It’s at least a change from
Creative director: Roula Traboulsi
springing from the tissue boxes. Pretty.
Agency: Grey Qatar
the old ‘get a beautiful woman gaz-
Art director: Fadwa Maalouli
But believable? They are tissues.
Creative director: Omar Gebara
ing adoringly at the sports car and
Illustrator: Viswa Appu Copywriter: Punit Malek
its driver’ approach. Not sure if it’s
Communication manager: Joumana Hajj Art director: Joanna Menassa
necessarily more effective for the
target audience, but we’re glad to see
something different
A bunch of little birds team up to

attack the guy that’s shooting them
Client: Oman Insurance Company
and a school of teeny fish gang up on
Agency: O2 advertising
a shark. See? Small can be effective,
Creative team: Atul Tarkar, Shyam Singh
if used wisely. So Oman Insurance
suggests a bunch of small investments
instead of chucking all your fils into
one basket.
Creative work that Shehzad Yunus liked this week
We have all been lugging plastic bags by gets interesting as we get a week-by-week just 500 years, the earth heals
the dozen every week, showing disregard account. The first few weeks are deadly as itself—reversing the damage
for paper, and leaving carbon footprints the domestic animals become wild, driven done by humans in the last
(that can dwarf those of the Abominable by hunger. Nuclear reactors that need to be 10,000 years. It made me hate
Snowman) behind. Not once do we sit back manned go haywire and cause a holocaust myself for being human. We
and think about the damage. I was the that’s 100s of times bigger than Hiroshima. can’t look the other way. I
same too. Until I chanced upon a movie But, ironically, the planet heals itself in just have stopped using plastic
call Aftermath: Population 0. Made for a few hundred years. Nature reclaims its bags. I am trying my best
National Geographic, this documentary is place on the planet. The sight of wildlife to do all I can. What’s one
an eye-opener. It starts off with the state in Times Square, Eiffel Tower and iconic man going to do, you
our planet is in. We see the real culprits landmarks, and the concrete jungles be- may snigger. But if you
behind this monstrosity: us, the humans. ginning to lose all the concrete is remark- calculate the damage
Then, suddenly, the narrator asks us able. Since no more trees are being cut, one human can do
to imagine what would happen if we all vegetation and wildlife flourish. The editing in a year, you won’t
disappeared from the face of the planet and the special effects create a life-like be laughing. Think
we have tormented. The narrative now imagery that can really shake you up. In about it.
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