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30 November 2008
Omar Gebara Mike Ross
Creative director Editor
Grey Qatar Infusion Magazine
Road relaxation Creative blockage
RAHA IS a new company. There’s no other I WOULD have loved my initial reaction
road assistance service in Doha, so they to this ad (the tyre one) to be ‘Hey, that’s
wanted a campaign to simply launch the a pretty cool concept. He doesn’t know
company and create awareness. All the how to change a tyre’. Unfortunately for
consumer needs to know is that if you the designer, my first reaction was ‘Hey,
have a problem with your car, Raha can this guy doesn’t know how to deal with
solve it. It’s a very simple campaign. In constipation’.
Arabic, ‘Raha’ means ‘peace of mind’. So Sadly, as vulgar as that reaction may
we’re saying get your peace of mind now. seem to some, this is the truth.
Today. I guess you could argue that this says
We had several ideas. One was a kind as much about my twisted little mind as
of straightforward approach, showing the it does about the delivery of the artwork
problems you might face on the road and itself. Indeed, few could argue (I cer-
how you might tackle them. But that was tainly wouldn’t) that the vast majority of
a bit boring. So we opted for this direc- people would not share such a puerile
tion. It’s the same—in that it illustrates the analysis. Although I maintain that the
problems—but the twist is that the viewer face in question doesn’t exactly deliver
is placed where the problem lies. So we al- that sense of desperate confusion that I
ways wanted the person in the image to be feel the ad requires. The ‘woman staring
looking down at the camera, which would at dashboard’ and ‘man opening bonnet’
be located wherever the ‘problem’ was. ones work better.
The funny and
We tried to play
slightly ambiguous
on the expression
images encourage
of those people,
the reader to spend
because that’s where
more time with the
the drama is—the
adverts than they
ordinarily would.
And we tried to play on the expression
of those people, because that’s where the As far as the construction of the ads
drama is—the “Aaaarrrrgggh”—this is is concerned, however, they seem pretty
where Raha comes in. If you’re stuck in much flawless: the logos and pertinent
that kind of situation, call Raha. We were information seem to be in the right place,
hoping the expression alone would grab there is a healthy text-to-imagery ratio
people’s attention. Once that’s done, you (no-one likes reading, do they?) and,
read the headline. most importantly of all, the image is in-
So the visual highlights the negative. tended to be both funny and slightly am-
And the headline helps people under- biguous, thus encouraging the viewer/
stand the visual. “Don’t know the battery reader to spend more time with the ad-
light from the oil light?” It kind of relates vert than they ordinarily would.
to the image. It continues it. From thereon As a hypothetical advertising client,
it’s straightforward, you can ignore the I would say that the concept is certainly
body copy and just go straight to “24-hour a good one, but I might not approve the
roadside assistance”. ‘tyre’ execution.
We wanted to avoid doing something
Client: Raha Auto Assistance
And as a consumer … would I consider
dry and boring. We wanted the human
Agency: Grey Qatar
using this service? Yes. Am I going to be
element. And we wanted it to be funny. thinking about laxative jokes for the rest
Creative director: Omar Gebara
of the day? Definitely.
Copywriter: Steve Whittaker
Art director: Jo Sarkis
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