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30 November 2008
Oh. Deer
The neThe n w Mercedes campaign may regret its
cutesy apprcutes oach
LLIKE MIKE MANY of you, I’ve always wanted a ran across the street and we almost got run
Bentley, but the one thing keeping me frtley, om over but we didn’t so WHATEVER.”
purchasiasing one was the opinion of small A pig cycles through two stages of the grieving
woodland crwoodlan eatures. “Yes,” I told myself, “that process, stating that he thought death would be
2008 Continental GTC looks undeniably boss, more “distinctive” than being hit by a car, and
but what would a squirrel say?” One imag- then accepting that “getting hit by a car is cool
ines the sines the quirrel would not be pleased, even too, I guess.” When he lives, he expresses as-
if his reeasa ons were entirely tonishment. The other two
inscrutable to muta an. feature a hysterical squir-
Not anot a ymore. Jung von rel begging for its life and a
Matt, a , a German agency, deer that seems unusually
has laas launched a run un of ads apologetic that you’re about
ththaatt fin finaally show consum- to kill it (“You clod!” you say,
ers why sy o many crea- staring with exasperation at
tures weres we e always shoot- the grill of your new car.
ing them disappring the oving “Look what you’ve done to
glances as they hglances urtled my Bentley!”).
throughough a road winding From what I can tell,
throughough a wooded area. the point of the ads is that
Simply putSimply p : they weren’t if you buy a Mercedes,
driving aiving a Mercedes-Benz. which, I gather, is unusu-
The campaign consists The c
of four animof four a als discussing
ally nimble, then you can
spare these airheads and
their neartheir ne -death experi- neurotics the grisly fate
ences at the hands of a they would suffer at the
speeding aspeeding utomobile. A rabbit, adopting the hands of a Toyota driver. The problem is, as a
patois of a teentois o ager, tells the tale of talking consumer, the more time I spend with these
beauty with another rabbit and spacing out ads, the more that outcome sort of seems like
ssoo bad the two walked in bad th to the road and were an affront to nature. Maybe I’ll go with that
nearly killed. “Wnearly ki e were like totally late so we Bentley after all.
WWaackcko o offoffeer fr foor Jackr Jacko caalllled supply and demand. I
PPooor old Jackor old Jacko. I o. I mean it. The Pmean it. The Peteter r lelearnt about it when I was 10 arnt about it when I was 10
Pan man who had everything and has yeearars old. Crisis or not, its old. Crisis or not, it
lloost it it all. He manages tt all. He manages to alienatalienate e the the was bound to happen.
Western world, cancel gigs and wind And it should there-
up his fans, and has now annoyed a fore be of no surprise to
Gulf prince. Maybe he can anger the outdoor ad space owners
Chinese too. He did cancel a gig in that their billboards are
Hong Kong when I was there, so maybe dropping in value as the property
that counts. sector loses value. Investment banks
All he had to do was sing some saw this coming, and we should see
songs written by a Bahraini prince. I as it a good thing. Dubai may settle
could do that, and even whoop a bit into a more regular rhythm with ad
too. Maybe it isn’t what happened and space bought by FMCG companies,
Jacko is being taken for a ride, but it’s and apartments used by people, not
still a sad story of a once great legend. sitting empty waiting for a 30 per cent
And he’s now converted to Islam, so price rise. It isn’t going to happen. Put
maybe he’ll be seen in these parts it on the rental market and start mak-
more often. ing some cash off your piece of Dubai
I for one could offer him some work. (oh, but don’t be surprised if you’re
We need a driver, and a pool cleaner. not the first person to consider this
100 dirhams an hour as long as he and rents go down as well)… wow, we
sings while doing it. I see he’s settled might all end up living in a city which
out of court, so he might have agreed is based in reality.
to sing the prince’s songs after all…
Gillian McDermot, Dubai
He must be broke and now also avail-
able. Just his luck you guys reported
Look on the bright side
on it, eh?
The “Bum Deals” article (‘AdWeek’,
Oliver Blackwell, Dubai
November 23) was pretty enlight-
ened stuff. It’s a time for tips, and
Read the signs we shouldn’t be above taking them
What rubbish all this ‘news’ about the off whoever it is that can help us out
property sector is. It’s not ‘news’. Anyone of the hole. Maybe a trip to San Fran
able to have a small understanding of is in order. At least it’ll make me
how markets work could see that, as in realise how great the weather here
Spain, which is a mature(r) market, of is. They can’t take that away from us!
sorts, if you build and build and build, (as rumbles of thunder can be heard
you will reach a point when prices will over town…)
stop gaining, and do the opposite. It’s
Taylor Reese, Abu Dhabi
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