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30 November 2008
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Enjoy a unique opportunity to celebrate the start of the Winter Racing Challenge
and the beginning of Dubai Racing Club’s spectacular social season.
NOVEMBER 6, 2008 – JANUARY 8, 2009
Dine on an array of delicious gastronomic delights from around the world and
sample an assortment of sparkling beverages and cocktails, while you indulge in
an enchanting evening filled with exclusive entertainment. JANUARY 15 – MARCH 5, 2009
Held on the hallowed turf of the Winner’s Circle in the paddock at Nad Al Sheba
Racecourse, this glamorous event is one party that racegoers just won’t want to miss. MARCH 28, 2009
Join in the sparkle and spectacle on 30th October from 7:30pm, as we head out of
the starting gate for the 2008 – 2009 racing season.
Tickets priced at AED350 per person and can be purchased at
Dubai Racing Club, Nad Al Sheba Racecourse, Dubai Racing Club Office Building, P.O. Box 9305, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 327 0077. Fax: +971 4 327 0049. Web:
Deykin has since worked alongside the Jumeirah “No. They haven’t asked for my help,” says Deykin. BRAND returns to his company and its inward investigation:
group—when the Jumeirah Beach Hotel was but a “And far be it from me to tell them what to do. The BUILDERS: TMH “Maybe we’ll become Buddhist monks”, before firing
port-a-cabin on the beach—while his team was an agency is my day job. TV is just a hobby for me. It’s
has worked on
off on branding buzzwords: “Do you need a snappy
integral part of the process for the launch of the Burj not really a branding issue anyway. I think they’re
some of Dubai’s
catchphrase? It should be about what you deliver,
Al Arab, even helping to come up with the feted/ onto their fourth CEO as of yesterday, so it’s always
biggest brand
rather than a fatuous strapline.”
maligned ‘7 star’ concept. TMH has also headed up going to be tough. Mr. Bin Hendi has poured a for- And like the previous 45 minutes of conversation,
campaigns for Dubailand, the Fairmont and latterly tune into it. A fortune. But—this is perhaps naive- it’s all delivered with a wit and verve that many a
the Al Raha Beach Resort in Abu Dhabi. But despite ty—you don’t think that TV costs that much money, public speaker would be envious of. He then turns
having overseen some “brilliant” campaigns—“And you sometimes think it can’t be that hard. But it is.” the interview on its head, asking how long I’ve been
they have been brilliant, why hide your light under Deykin does, however, have concerns over Abu in Dubai and where I used to work. Upon hearing
a bushel?”—in his time here, Deykin says Dubai suf- Dhabi’s recent branding exploits. When asked the three letters I, T and P, he grins, before launching
fers from a terrible affliction. whether the attempt to turn the city into a cultural into a very illuminating monologue regarding a fel-
“The city has incredible short-termism,” he says. oasis is the right one, he pauses for the only time in low Scot with whom he went to university.
“It had better change in light of the impending fi- the rapid-fire conversation. But that really is another conversation entirely.
nancial collapse. It’s an issue that tears out your “Well, it’s a differentiated approach,” he says, very
heart in Dubai. There is so much shopping around carefully. “If you define what you want to be by be-
when it comes to accounts. And it doesn’t happen ing different from whatever else is being done, then
when we’re dealing with blue-chip internationals.” that’s a good approach. I think they’ve taken a more
Thankfully, Deykin has plenty of distractions studied approach to their branding and have learnt
John Deykin
outside of work to take his mind off the city’s grow- a lot of lessons from elsewhere. Whether the art in-
ing pains. He’s a founding patron of the UAE Phil- vestment they’ve made will attract people is another
harmonic Orchestra and a benefactor of the Dubai question. What is going to be hanging at the muse-
Age: 54
Community Theatre and Arts Centre. Meanwhile, ums here—will we be getting the second-rate stuff?
Family: Married to Amanda, director of HR
he’s dispensed his wisdom over the city’s airwaves “And art should be organic,” he continues. “It
Consultancy Wallis Deykin Associates. Two
for nearly a decade. His latest venture has been into takes hundreds of years. And it evolves because of
daughters, Madeleine, 20 and Tess, 17
the eventful world of Dubai television. He hosts his history, communities, society, wars, famines, pes- Nationality: Scottish
own show on City 7, Face To Face. tilence, and renaissance. I’m not sure you can just
Drives: BMW 740
“The idea of being 52 when I started TV would be erect some buildings and expect it to work. But why
Lives: Jumeirah Islands
risible in London,” he says. “They’d be laughing so should we complain? It’ll be pretty amazing to think
hard. But I love what you can do here. I think you’ve that those galleries will be just down the road.”
First job: Graduate trainee, Express
got to be very self-deprecating in Dubai and take ev- With his coffee still untouched—it’s hard to talk
Newspapers, London
erything with a big dollop of hubris.” and drink at the same time—the conversation rap-
Motto: It’s going to be enormous
But with rumours circulating that City 7 is set to be idly evolves into a series of soundbites as Deykin
In 5 years, TMH will be: Leaders in challenger
axed from the airwaves, does Deykin have any brand- hits his raconteur stride. He elucidates on the Atkins
ing advice for the channel should it be revived? diet: “I lost 44lbs and became such a diet bore”, and
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