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30 November 2008
Stuff we liked this week
Teabag Coffin Limitless energy
The communal kitchen: A poteen-n-
tially convivial meeting area, which which
should be a fertile breeding
When the neW wly-formed PV Tribal DDB won the Limitless account,
ground for creative ideas. In
time was tight. CEO Pt atrick Boulos tells us how his agency coped
reality, it’s just a fertile breed--
ing ground for innumerable
strains of new bacterial life
created from a hybrid of pizza
crusts and ex-milk. Some lazy gits y gits
can’t even be bothered to chuck ck
their used teabags away, insteead ad
seeing fit to leave them festering on ing on
cluttered countertops.
With the teabag coffin, you can just slip
the teabag onto the saucer, under the cup. And let it
fester there. Much less of an eyesore.
MP3 Amp
The cooloo est iPod speakers we’ve seen
so far. No N w your air-guitar heroics can
be taken te o a new level with the awe-
some ‘foot on amp’ pose (with
optional top ongue out accompani-
ment). Perfect for those early
hourho s when you’ve just finalised
your pitch presentation and
need to fire up the team with
Queen’s “We Are the Champi-
ons” or—the only acceptable
alternative—Survivor’s “Eye
of the Tiger”.
IT’S NO secret that things port and surrounding develop- what the client’s perspective
There is one glaring over-
move at a breakneck pace on ments, the project is certain to and expectations were and how
sight. It doesn’t go up tg g p o 11.
the information superhighway. be key to the city’s future expan- far we could go,” says Boulos.
Nevertheless, the insanely fast- sion and development. “The real difficulty was compil-
Desktop Commando
moving chain of events that saw It’s no surprise, then, that the ing all the information available
small Beirut-based agency Pixel people at PV Tribal DDB were in order to deliver it in a way
Stop your thieving fellow workers raiding
Veggie join forces with world- forced to go above and beyond that was fresh, rich and modern
your stationery and food stashes with this th this
wide players Tribal DDB and the call of duty in delivering a so that the strategic business
motion-sensing desktop commando. Anyo. Anyoneone
win the pitch to work for one of portal that reflected the signifi- objectives could be met.”
who comes too close will be given a warn-a warn-
Dubai’s most prestigious devel- cance of the project. The statistics bear out the
ing. Should they choose to ignore it, the, theyy will will
opers took even its CEO, Patrick “Our first mandatory from impression that PV Tribal DDB
pay. Heavily. That rocket launcher actuallactually
Boulos, by surprise. Limitless was to deliver the dow- have managed to heighten the
fires. Someone might lose an eye, but at but at
“Demand started flooding in site,” Boulos sense of anticipation about the
least they’ll think twice about stealing ying yourour
when Tribal DDB was awarded explains. “The brief was extreme- Jebel Ali project through the por-
Post-Its next time. Trust no one.
the title for Global Agency of ly precise and the team’s dedica- tal they created. Not only does
the Year in Ad Age,” says Boulos. tion to the client was incredible the site have a bounce rate [sin-
“Many local and regional enqui- since we were due to deliver an gle-page visits, or visitors leaving
ries started to hit our London innovative site in that field of directly from the home page] of
headquarters just as we opened business in just three weeks from less than 3 percent, an average
in Dubai. Consequently, de- conception to delivery. of over six minutes are spent per
Ad Blog Arabiabi
mands were rerouted directly
to us and that was a typical ex-
ample of what happened with
The entire agency was forced to work
the [Dubai-based property de-
veloper] Limitless pitch.
flat out for such a challenge.
“From then, we liaised direct-
ly and won the pitch to come up
with not just the corporate web- “As you can imagine, the en- visitor on the site—more than 12
site for Limitless, but also for tire agency was forced to work times the time spent in front of a
their major project: Downtown flat out for such a challenge,” television commercial.
Jebel Ali.” he continues. “But we were glad “Our real deal is to build our
The prize of securing work for to do it since such a huge client reputation on client satisfac-
a blue chip client such as Limit- was putting its full trust in us.” tion,” concludes Boulos content-
less may have been a huge fillip The end product, to the agen- edly. “Because over time this is
for a young company that was cy’s relief, was met with almost what will make the difference.”
only founded in Lebanon back universal approval from both
in 2006, but the stand-up job it the client and the public.
performed in delivering a sleek, Taking its cues from Mer- VITALS
The region’s most popular blog for the posting—and critiquing—of user-friendly portal to showcase cedes’ acclaimed A to S site—
creative work. Always worth a visit. Partly to see some genuinely good the Jebel Ali project was ample one identified by Limitless as a
Client: Limitless
regional work, but also to see some frankly ill-advised submissions— proof of its ability to perform the prime example of a sleek, stra-
often with just a creative director’s name attached—that make you task in hand. tegic and user-friendly digital
Agency: PV Tribal DDB
wonder whether the poster has some kind of masochistic fetish which Like most new developments environment—PV Tribal DDB
Project: Corporate website
compels them to be flamed online. in Dubai, Downtown Jebel Ali delivered an end product within
and Downtown Jebel Ali
And abuse is in plentiful supply. A team of regulars spend much of has not been envisaged as a small deadline with all major param-
their time ignoring the ads and hurling around the kind of weak per- scale concern. A 200-hectare ur- eters (including time, cost, ap-
sonal put-downs we last heard in pre-school. If their work is as lacking ban centre that will stretch for 11 proval of processes and design)
Cost: Undisclosed
in invention as their insults, the regional industry’s in worse shape kilometres beside Sheikh Zayed managed to the satisfaction of Results: Bounce rate of less
than we thought. Thankfully, in recent weeks, the patient moderation Road, house around 235,000 all parties. than 3 per cent, average visit
of site administrator, Zeid Nasser, appears to have paid off, and people people, and act as a gateway to “Our task was, obviously, not time of over six minutes
have begun abusing the ads—rather than each other—again. the city’s new international air- to replicate, but to understand
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