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30 November 2008
“Cable guy”
Ducab manu-
factures cables. It’s
not the most boring
product in the world—
that is (sorry, was)
Dentistry Middle East
(p.3)—but it’s pretty
close. So kudos to the
inventors of the cable
guy, who nonchalantly
strolled across regional
screens earlier this
year and was just
unusual enough to
avoid our ire at his
unexpected appearance
over the text of the
page we were trying to
view. An exception to
Emirates Today “Page push”
As the page loads, a copy of the now-defunct Dubai tabloid drops from
the top of the banner, causing the page to scroll to the end. Once it hits
the pop-up rule (don’t
the bottom, the message “Small in size, heavy in content” is revealed and the
use pop-ups).
viewer is returned to the top of the page. Obviously, this ad has the potential to
become extremely annoying if it appears more than once or twice, but it’s un-
deniably a clever device. Sadly, of course, the image of Emirates Today rapidly
plummeting and dragging the reader down with it has a completely different
connotation these days.
Aramex “Shop & Ship”
Interruptive—but in a good way. The design creates a bit of suspense
for the viewer, as you wait to see whether Aramex can get the package
through the maze or not. Another smart example of how a simple bit of animation
can make your online ads much more compelling than a simple static graphic.
“Easy to
Clever work from
Wunderman to illus-
trate FedEx’s change
of phone number. A
Barclays “Fun”
One common problem with banner ads is that people don’t bother to
click through to whatever site they’re teasing. Or if they do click, they
FedEx van reverses
exit before the site loads. This Barclays International Football Academy ad
onto the page (ac-
avoids the ‘bounce’ problem by putting the game in the banner ad itself, in-
companied by the
stead of trying to drive users to a microsite. It’s a standard ‘keepy-up’ game,
unmistakable ‘van
but enough to keep you involved for a while. And the quirky clown’s shoe
driver reversing’ noise
instead of a regular football boot is a smart way of pushing the message that
that triggers bowel-
kid’s can have fun at the IFA.
loosening terror in
cyclists the world
over) to cover the old Thanks to, who allowed us to source some of these ads from
number—at the same their Creative Ad Bank, which contains over 2,200 examples of online campaigns
time showing the new run in the UAE since October 2007.
one: 800 FEDEX. A
smart and engaging
way to notify the com-
Got any better banner ads than these? Drop us a line. The best responses will be
pany’s consumers.
published in next week’s issue.
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