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Advertising/Marketing/Media/Public Relations Issue 0010 30 November 2008
In this issue
Cutbacks at AMG
Global slowdown forces Dubai media group to freeze recruitment and reduce costs
DUBAI The Arab Media Group
(AMG) has frozen recruitment
and is looking to cut costs as the
impact of the global financial cri-
sis continues to be felt in the UAE,
Busy brander
according to an internal memo
obtained by Media Week.
The Media House’s John Deykin
Group CEO Abdullatif Al Sayegh
tells us about his day job, his
(pictured) last week informed
side projects and his hobbies.
staff that the company will elimi-
nate unnecessary expenditure
and “freeze recruitment as well
MARKETING as business travel”. The latter will
now be subject to “special ap-
proval” from management.
When contacted by Media
Week, Al Sayegh denies that there
is an outright ban on taking on new
staff, but does admit that “we have
to be careful with recruitment”.
“How much money has AMG
lost this year? I wouldn’t say that According to sources at the com- Observer business editor Frank An insider at AMG, who requests
the company has lost any money. pany, the current economic climate Kane has resigned his position anonymity, says that Kane’s depar-
There’s nothing serious so far, but is behind a delay in promoting Al as AMG’s director of business ture “shows that there are prob-
End of elitism
there may be an impact in the Sayegh to chairman. Mohamed Al media by “mutual consent”. lems within AMG. Someone of that
first three months of next year,” Mulla, formerly of Dubai Media “Plans change, especially in these calibre is not easily replaced.”
The Economist’s brand
says Al Sayegh. City and now executive director at troubled times for the world econo- Kane’s departure follows that
manager explains the
The internal AMG memo stat- AMG, is widely tipped to replace Al my. My role at Arab Media Group of Gavin Dickinson, who quit his
newspaper’s more inclusive
ed that the company expects an Sayegh as CEO. was no longer consistent with its post as AMG’s chief commercial
marketing strategy.
“overall market recovery in the The news follows last week’s immediate plans,” says Kane in a officer in September to join the
second half of 2009”. announcement that former statement issued by AMG. Abu Dhabi Media Company.
‘Six figure’ deals for beach sex couple
News, TV and book approaches could be worth Dhs565,000, says lawyer
DIGITALWEEK 20 The two Britons convicted of hav- former ITP executive Palmer is The immediate story is for the
PROFILE 22 ing sex on a Dubai beach could more concerned with “putting British ‘red tops’ [tabloid press]
OPINION 24 each command payments of up to the record straight”, according to and mid-market papers. The
MARKETINGWEEK 28 Dhs565,000 ($154,000) by selling Acors’ lawyer Andrew Crossley. Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday
ADWEEK 30 their accounts of the incident to “There’s a clamor for a docu- have expressed an interest.”
IN FOCUS 32 the press, Media Week can reveal. mentary, a fictionalised repre- Crossley claims that each of
AD SHOWCASE 34 Michelle Palmer and Vince sentation of the events, and a the pair could ‘comfortably’ com-
DESIGNWEEK 36 Acors (pictured), who are thought book,” Crossley tells Media Week. mand a five-figure sum (up to
PEOPLE 37 to have returned to the UK last “I’m only representing Vince, but £99,000, or Dhs565,000) by sell-
weekend after their three-month I’ve been in touch with Michelle ing their stories.
jail terms were suspended, are cur- too. She’s contemplating one TV Acors has employed publicist
rently in talks over print, TV and or newspaper interview to dispel Lee Bowden, director of the UK-
book deals documenting the inci- the myths and rumours. based Media C.A.T, to handle his
dent, which took place last July. “We’ve had enquiries from relations with the press. “We’re
Acors is actively pursuing lu- across the world. I was speaking close to signing a deal but I can’t
crative deals with the press, while to The New York Times last night. talk about it yet,” Bowden says.
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