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Dec. 20, 2008 - Jan. 9, 2009Dec. 20, 2008 - Jan. 9, 2009 wwwww.w.SSaannTTananSuSunn..cocomm Relentlessly local coverage of Southern Chandler and our neighboring communitiess
Here’s the deal:
Surviving the downturn
by Natalie Morris editor of Economy@W. P. Carey. “The
Recession. It’s what SanTan Sun Grand Canyon State ranked 49 out of 50
area families have been suspecting for states for labor market performance in
months before the National Bureau of October.”
Economic Research recently made it In recent years, Arizona’s economy
offi cial. was strengthened by strong consumer
Last December, troubled housing and spending, but retail sales fell an estimated
fi nancial markets triggered the country’s 5 percent in 2008 and will likely stay
current economic crisis, which has led fl at in 2009 “as the consumer struggles
to a volatile stock market, layoffs, lack with reduced confi dence, weak income
of available credit and foreclosures growth and rising unemployment
nationwide. Arizona’s economy is no rates,” McPheters predicts.
exception. A severe bust in Arizona’s real estate
STSN photo by Gordon Murray
“As of October, Arizona was one of bubble has caused a great deal of the
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31 states losing jobs over the year,” says state’s economic crisis, according to
My Sister’s Closet at Las Tiendas Village at Queen Creek and Alma School roads in Southern
Lee McPheters, director of the JPMorgan McPheters.
Chandler. Shopping consultant Cori Awender and customer Sue Wright check out the store’s
well stocked racks.
Chase Economic Outlook Center and
See Here’s the deal Page 6
Chandler faces 2009
Tax season approaching fast
by Suzanne McCormick
changes, challenges
With the beginning of a new
tax season almost here, SanTan
Sun area residents should begin looking for king for
by Miriam Van Scott
Major economic challenges are
related forms in the mail, getting records in records in
expected for the City of Chandler
order and considering possible ways to lower tax bills.ys to lower tax bills.
in 2009 as expenditures continue to
For struggling homeowners, possible tax relief is available through sible tax relief is available through
outstrip revenue. A shortfall in the
the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, says Hugo Louie of ief Act of 2007, says Hugo Louie of
General Fund, currently projected to
LG Tax & Financial Services in Chandler.ndler.
be at least $6.5 million, is also bringing
Louie, who has been a tax preparer for nearly 15 years and is parer for nearly 15 years and is
about signifi cant changes to the ways
an enrolled agent who can represent taxpayers before the ent taxpayers before the
in which every city agency conducts
Internal Revenue Service (IRS), says the mortgage says the mortgage
relief act was passed in late 2007 and applies to debt nd applies to debt
“All departments are facing cuts,”
forgiven through 2009.
City of Chandler Management Services
For example, if you had a home loan for $150,000 e loan for $150,000
Director Dennis Strachota reports.
and your home was foreclosed and sold by the bank nd sold by the bank
“About $8 million in cuts or savings
STSN photo for $100,000, the lending institution is short $50,000. n is short $50,000.
for this fi scal year have already been
GOING UP: The new Chandler Fire
The institution then “writes off the loss and shows it
Administration building is continuing
implemented. Next year’s budget will
as taxable income of the former homeowner,” Louie
mileage deductions for 2008
construction with previously budgeted funds.
are from 50 to 58 cents, but
Other capital projects for the City of Chandler
See Chandler Page 10
mileage allowances will go
are being delayed.
See Tax season Page 12 down in 2009 to 55 cents.
Find brewskies, art at SanTan Brewery
by Joan Westlake looking space we had some room for improvement
SanTan Brewing Company owner Anthony and defi nitely a want for color, I asked these artists
Canecchia jokes that he is not only the head brewer to exhibit. Maynard Breese’s pieces in particular are
but also the chief bottle washer. And, when he opened very vibrant. They really stand out against the brick
the doors to the downtown Chandler pub, he also of the brewery. George Hursh’s photographic prints
became an art purveyor. are architectural landscapes, which are a personal
The bustling restaurant features the work of passion of mine. Some of them really tie in with the
photographer George Hursh and self-described brewery such as one picture of a large water tower and
“fauxtographer” Maynard Breese. Canecchia said both a grain silo.
artists are local so they fi t his goal of becoming a part “Everyone makes comments,” he continues,
of the community by supporting it. “and we’ve sold seven pieces already by these local
“Walking around the Wednesday art walks and artists. Across the board, we try to keep our dollars
STSN photo
talking with the artists, I saw some really nice work,”
BREW MEETS ART: Anthony Canecchia, owner of SanTan Brewing
Canecchia says. “Realizing that in our very industrial-
See SanTan Brewery Page 13
Company with artist Maynard Breese.
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