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with Brad Fitzsimmons, Edge College Golf Placement
When it comes to ice hockey, everyone in the world tries to mimic Canadian Hockey Player Development. It is the Freshman
best. When their home federation is not providing the appropriate support, families mimic what Canadian families do Beginning Grade 9 this September,
in order to reach the same goals. Canadians are in that boat with their junior golfers, so learn from the countries in the Graduate High School June of 2012
world that are producing the highest numbers of golfers.
In 14 years of working with athletes, I
have never had a family tell me that theyOver 90% of the non-Asian players in the recent CN Canadian Women’s Open played university golf, the majority
started the university golf process too early.
played U.S. College Golf. Clearly the U.S. College system is huge part of world golf development. What remains
shocking is that even with these types of numbers, as Canadian’s we still have not recognized what an opportunity
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playing university golf is. We still take it for granted, even though our Southern neighbours have the best amateur
planning session
development system in the world.
What do I mean by taking it for granted?
You should be tracking your handicap on
No matter how much anyone explains to Canadian families regarding how to go about the US College process or every round. Playing in as many events
when to begin, we still believe that everything is just going to work out for our players. We apply our Canadian as you can find. Surfing the Internet and
looking at schools, we can give you someuniversity timelines to the U.S. system. In Canada, about November of grade 12, families start thinking about
schools to start with.University. That is way too late

Even for Canadian University Sports, you need to start thinking about the University Athlete opportunity much earlier.
Athletes need to think about what they want to do for University starting in grade nine. Think that is too early? Your
Beginning Grade 10 this September,
son or daughter is too young? Too immature? You do not want to put too much pressure on them?
Graduate High School June of 2011
Parents, you have a lifetime of experience, I ask you, when in all of your life has looking into something ever been
Should have a website up with swing
something you regretted? There is a difference between pushing your kids and opening their eyes and providing them
video, school grades and have planned
with opportunity.
a winter tournament schedule.
We are not saying that they have to decide to play University Sports in grade nine or even grade eleven.
Start contacting schools you are interested in.
What does it hurt to at least put the options in front of them? Instead of your son or daughter spending 3 hours surfing

the Internet randomly, give your kids something to surf; help them out. You are right, they are immature in grade nine
and they do need some structure, so give it to them and I promise you, your kids will be experts on the subject by
Beginning Grade 11 this September,
grade 11. Kids are afraid of things that are new and they do not understand. Give them the tools to eliminate the fear
Graduate High School June of 2010
of the unknown. Send me an email and ask where to find information on University Sports in Canada, Australia, the
US, the UK or anywhere else in the world.
First writing of SAT before Christmas
of this year.
At the end of the day, in Canada, University costs your family the better part of $20,000 per year for tuition, room, board
and books. Why not have your kids put some sweat equity into your families’ future investment? I promise it will pay
Arrange tournaments over the winter.
huge dividends in opportunity, level of education and in some cases, financially. Do your kids even realize that they
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could stay in Canada and play university golf?
Take a page from the South Korean families. In my time in Korea and working with the South Korean national team
Website should contain a minimum two
players, the families make sure they do not close any development doors and put the kids in a position to make
years worth of scores.
decisions, even from a young age.
During the CN Canadian Women’s Open I heard a lot of excuses as to why there were 34 South Korean’s and only Should have a good idea of some of the
a handful of Canadians in Canada’s National Women’s Open. That included people saying South Korea has better schools that are interested in your for, better coaching and more money.

That is hardly the case. South Korea is has a temperate climate, almost identical to Canada. Players move away
from home at a young age to further develop their skills in better climates. Many of the South Korean players travel
Beginning Grade 12 this September,
to the US and warmer places to get coaching. They want to use the US College system to develop their players, but
Graduate High School June of 2009
unfortunately, most of the South Korean’s English is not strong enough to pass the SAT’s and play US College Golf. If
they do not have local qualified local coaching, they move away from home to get it. The average annual family
Early signing period is in three months.
income in South Korea is $42,000 annually. The average annual family income in Canada is $67,000.
Initial scholarship offers should be in.
Should be planning visits to interested
Quite simply, the average work week in South Korea is 54 hours. The average work week in Canada is 34 hours.
Many South Korean’s are prepared to work harder in order to achieve success. The magic formula is dedication and
putting the kids in a position of accountability from a young age. This does not include pushing and forcing their children
If you are a senior and have not heard
to play and practice.
from a school at this point stop waiting;
Both the children and the parents understand that the parents have life experience that will help their children make
they are not going to chase you.
better decisions. The parents make sure the players have all the information in order to make good decisions.
If the above is the case, you should be
Some parents will read this article and think I am being critical of Canadian parents, and to some extent I am. I have
considering a gap year before University
worked in this business for 14 years. Worldwide, countries learn from Hockey Canada and Canadian hockey parents.
if you want to play golf as you have
They are not offended when I tell them how a Canadian hockey family does things. In some cases, they think that
waited too long.
Canadian hockey families are crazy, but it is difficult to argue with success. If the world learns from our hockey
associations and hockey families, in order to achieve hockey success for their kids and country, what is wrong with
Canadian families learning from the best in golf development?
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