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Blackmoor Is A Myrtle Beach Favourite Cheraw State Park Is A Popular Stop
run parallel to the ocean itself. The back nine runs entirely along the beach, since. Accompanying the Ocean Forest Hotel was the Ocean Forest Country
making it one of the most stunning pieces of golf real estate in the United States. Club, originally a 36-hole club designed by Scotsman Robert White and opened
in 1927. Unlike the hotel, the course did survive; now an 18-hole layout known
In Charleston, the past and the present co-exist nicely with a generous scoop as Pine Lakes Country Club “The Granddaddy”. Myrtle Beach didn’t get
of hospitality worked in to the entire mix. Blend in a couple dozen remarkable another significant golf course until the private and much admired Dunes Golf &
golf courses and you have the recipe for a vacation of note. Beach Club got the go ahead in 1948. After that things got a little steadier for the
Strand in the golf and resort market entering the heydays of the 1970’s when
The “Wizard” Knows Myrtle Beach large resort hotels began to replace the small motels that lined the beachfront.
One million golfers can’t be wrong. That’s approximately how many make the
Myrtle Beach really reached its current status as a golf vacation centre with the
trek each year to Myrtle Beach, making it the top golf destination in North
debut of more than 40 golf courses in the 1990’s alone, the last big burst that
America. Although Myrtle Beach is the core city, the actual Grand Strand region
brought it to the massive number of layouts you will find in the area today.
(as it is known) stretches some 100 kilometres from Pawley’s Island, South
Carolina all the way north to Southport, North Carolina. All totalled, the region
Popular courses include King’s North, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, True Blue,
now boasts more than 90 golf layouts in the main area with that number growing
and Blackmoor – to name just a few.
to over 120 when you take in the extreme reaches. This ensures there is
something to suit every visitor’s taste.
Olde English District
Among the sparkling golf courses in the region are properties associated with Directly northwest of Myrtle Beach, set against the North Carolina border is
the greatest names in the game as their designers. Jack Nicklaus, Arnold another region that merits exploration for golfers. The Olde English District is the
Palmer, Tom Fazio, Rees Jones, and Pete Dye have completed work in the historical heart of the state, centred on Columbia. The Olde English District is
area over a varying landscape that includes marshes, ocean views, native one of eleven tourism regions located in South Carolina. The name refers to
forests, and plantations. the region’s early settlement by the English in the mid-1770’s and to the
Revolutionary War battles fought there. Not only is it ripe with revered attractions,
The entire range of courses, along with accommodations, and even golf it is also where you can find more than a dozen fine golf courses.
tournaments, is available through a convenient booking service, MB Golf
Wizard ( These enthusiastic experts can attend to Bisected by I-77, the Olde English District is located between Charlotte, North
your every need for your next Myrtle Breach golf package. MB Golf Wizard’s Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina. It is easy to access and worth the trip.
real-time software package allows you to not only book tee times, but also book
the hotel nearest your chosen golf course, as well as let you email your choices Something old, something new, something familiar and something unexpected.
to friends and colleagues. Imagine the ease in which you can plan your Myrtle Golfing in the Olde English District of South Carolina can take you on a
Beach golf package – plan your itinerary, and then email it to everyone on the historical journey down the Donald Ross-designed fairways of Fort Mill Country
golf trip. This allows you to make any changes instantly, if someone can’t make Club, or a scenic ride through the rolling hills of Tega Cay Country Club’s
a day or weekend. newly-rebuilt section called Carolina Pines, or through the unique layout and
the sandhills of Cheraw State Park’s 18-hole golf course where no two fairways
Myrtle Beach wasn’t always “Myrtle Beach”, per se. If you checked a map in are adjacent to each other.
1900 and looked for Myrtle Beach you would have been hard pressed to find it.
Development as a resort destination did not come to the area until the The Olde English District includes seven counties in the Piedmont (upstate)
establishment of the Ocean Forest Hotel, a massive white palace of a grand area of South Carolina. Amid the picturesque towns of Rock Hill, Fort Mill,
scale that opened on February 21, 1930. Sadly the grandiose hotel closed its Tega Cay, Chester, Lancaster, Cheraw, Winnsboro, and Camden that dot the
doors in 1974 but it paved the way for everything the Grand Strand has offered landscape, you’re certain to find a course that suits your interests. Whether you
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