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Ken Robertson (left) still
fondly recalls his time at The tee for the ninth hole (372 yards) was just north of the 6th green and just
McKellar Park Golf Club as a east of 4th Avenue. 4th Avenue formed the left edge of the fairway, to a green
caddy. Rathre smnall in guarded on the front, left and back by sand.
stature, his first caddy job
was memorable. “I was
The tenth tee was just south of the parking lot, across 4th Avenue from the 9th
standing at the tee with my
green and adjacent to a small hot-dog stand. The tenth hole (425 yards)
players’ golf clubs and one of
proceeded south along 4th Avenue, with the green located close to this roadway
the older caddies came over
and about 100 yards from Carling Avenue.
and asked my man – Do you
need a caddy to carry your
The 11th tee was located just south of the 10th green and the fairway for the
eleventh hole (375 yards) started to the south toward Carling Avenue and then
turned right (west) and decidedly uphill. The green was located right on the
edge of Carling Avenue.
The twelfth hole (130 yards) was the shortest on the course, with the tee close
to the 11th green. The fairway was quite tight with lots of rough and trees
between the tee and green. The green was guarded on back by sand. From the
12th green, one walked generally east along a path through the woods across
the top of a hill to the thirteenth tee.
A Tour Of The McKellar Golf Club
The thirteenth hole (400 Yards) proceeded north parallel to the 10th fairway
There is no better person to describe the McKellar
with a line of trees along the left. There was a line of trees behind the green.
course than a caddy who travelled its fairways From the 13th green, one walked east through the line of trees to the 14th tee.
many times. Ken Robertson was able to put a
The fourteenth hole (340 yards) proceeded to the south with the elevated green
layout of the golf course together with aerial photos
cut into the woods with rock on the left, right and back of the green.
from the early 1930’s:
The 15th tee was west of the 14th green and north of the 12th green. The 15th
tee was located on the brow of a hill with a narrow alleyway for the drive. The
“The tee for the first hole (310 yards) was just on the east side of 4th Avenue
fairway for the fifteenth hole (320 yards) ran parallel to the 14th hole, with the
(Windermere) and ran to the east with a slight dog-leg, just past 1st Avenue
green surrounded on the left and right by clumps of trees and protected in front
(Fraser) and the house of George Bond.
by a sand trap.
The tee for the second hole (305 yards) was south of the first green and the
The 16th tee was just west and a bit north of the 15th green. The sixteenth hole
hole went west to a green just east of 4th Avenue.
(372 yards) proceeded to the north down the tree line, almost to the northern
edge of the course.
The third hole (235 yards) was a par 3 for the men and a par 4 for the ladies. It
went back to the east, with the green just to the south of the house of the
The 17th tee was back to the east of the 16th green, with the seventeenth hole
greens-keeper, Mr. Unsworth.
(350 yards) heading back to the south, parallel to the 16th fairway. The 17th
green was located just on the northern edge of the clump of trees near the 15th
The fourth hole (290 yards) tee was just to the south of the 3rd green, and the
green. From the 17th green, one walked east through a line of trees to get to
hole went straight south along the boundary of the course, about half way to
the 18th tee.
Carling Avenue. The green was framed on either side by trees.
The eighteenth hole (364 yards) proceeded north almost to the clubhouse,
To tee off on the fifth hole (547 yards), you walked back north-east and your tee
where the other members and spectators could watch later players from the
shot was made due south, following the edge of the golf course on the left,
comfort of a verandah.”
toward Carling Avenue. It was a dogleg to the right and the fairway paralleled
Carling Avenue with the green located just to the east of 4th Avenue.
Keep in mind that the McKellar Park Golf Club was comparable to present day
courses with a total length of over 6,000 yards, but with players using hickory
The sixth hole (206 yards) tee was located further west along Carling Avenue,
shafted golf clubs and feathery and rubber style golf balls for a number of years.
just west of 4th Avenue. The hole came back to the east over 4th Avenue and
“There was a great feeling in your hands when you hit the ball correctly with the
the circular green was almost entirely surrounded by sand traps.
hickory shafted clubs,” according to Ken.
The tee for the seventh hole (375 yards) was located about 50 yards east of the
Ken describes the membership as being mostly civil servants and local
8th green, and the hole went due north to the vicinity of the 3rd fairway. A
merchants. “The odd player had a shiny car, but most drove older vehicles or
horseshoe shaped sand trap guarded the left, right and back of the green. Just
came to the club by streetcar,” he adds. Electric trolley cars used to run through
west of the 7th green was the 8th tee. Westboro along the Byron Avenue right of way, to the summer resort area of
Britannia and golfers would get off at Windermere and walk to the club, where
many left their clubs and shoes in the clubhouse.The eighth hole (370 yards) went back to the south to a green located between
the 6th green and the 7th tee.
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