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Breckenridge caters to snow seekers of all ages, and nothing embodies the magic of the winter season more than the International Snow Sculpture Championships presented by your hometown Toyota Stores. In addition to skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, sleigh rides, and ice skating, our 158-year old town offers yet another way to experience snow – with an awe-inspiring, yet fleeting, outdoor art gallery.

Now in its 27th year, the International Snow Sculpture Championships presented by your hometown Toyota Stores is bringing together 15 teams representing 12 countries from around the world to present intricate works of snow art. Four-person teams will carve 25-ton, 12-foot-tall blocks of snow without the use of power tools, internal support structures, or colorants – just the ingenuity of the sculptors and a medium that lends itself, if only temporarily, to the persuasion of hand tools.

Whether you’re here for the first time or the 27th time, you are participating in a rich Breckenridge tradition, one that has evolved into a world-class event and an inspirational experience. The International Snow Sculpture Championships presented by your hometown Toyota Stores is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of snow, the journey of the process and the stunning end product.


STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS 1. BRAINSTORM. Talk with your group and discuss what you’d like to sculpt. Draw ideas from a few different angles, or better yet, use modeling clay to develop concepts. This will be a guide once you’re outside and working with the snow.

2. GET STARTED. While professionals work with large cubes of snow, it’s best for beginners to start with a smaller canvas. Pack a clean plastic trash can with snow (pack it well – it’ll help later on), flip it over and you’re ready to sculpt.

3. DIVE IN. Begin by roughly blocking out the basic shape of your creation. Refer to your drawing and use smaller tools to refine the sculpture. Finally, carve the finest details to create a finished work of snow art.

If you’re inspired (and we know you will be), here are a few tips and a step-by-step guide to creating your own piece of snow art.

INTERMEDIATE. A snow turtle is really just a mound of snow with legs, a head and a shell pattern. It’s very easy to make and ideal for younger kids.

ADVANCED. For an igloo, start with a dome shape. Slice off a small edge and hollow out the inside. Add an entry, carve ice block markings and voila!

TOOLS OF THE TRADE Sandbox toys such as small shovels and buckets can help craft a simple starting shape.

Head to the kitchen! Spatulas, spoons,

butter knives, and vegetable peelers work well for refining.

Try a spray bottle: the fine mist melts a

thin layer of snow that quickly refreezes, making it easier to sculpt details.

PROJECT IDEAS TO GET YOU STARTED BEGINNER. Start with a basic shape. Try sculpting a pyramid, sphere, boot, soda bottle or can, pine tree, ice cream cone, or apple.


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