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Maine Coastal News FREE LeCleach Leads Record Breaking Pace in Vendee Globe

The IMOCA 60 HUGO BOSS screaming across the Indian Ocean.

As of 18 December, 1800 hrs Skipper/boat

1 Armel Le Cleach 2 Alex Thomson 3 Paul Meilhat 4 Jeremie Beyou 5 Yann Elies



USA In the sailing world, the most grueling

and challenging race is the Vendee Globe, which races non-stop from France all the way around the world, fi nishing back in France. This year’s Vendee Globe began with 29 competitors, mostly French and at the time of this writing seven racers had offi cially retired. The last Vendee Globe set a fi nishing

record of just over 78 days and in this race the pace has been incredible and numerous records have fallen already. It is even expect- ed that the total elapsed record time could be broken by a number of days. In the last issue, HUGO BOSS (Alex

Thomson of Great Britain) was the leader by about 100 miles, but after suff ering a colli- sion with an unknown object, which broke

5268.50 14344

one of his foils, he has fallen to second, los- ing about 600 miles in the last 30 days. The new leader is BANQUE POPILAIRE VIII (Armel Le Cleach, France) who grabbed the lead and as of this morning (20 December) was 1,500 miles from Cape Horn. 22 November (Day 17): News was

received that PRB (Vincent Riou) had suff ered damage to his keel and was forced to retire just as he was nearing the Cape of Good Hope. The collision caused the keel to be unstable, which means if it continues to move could severely damage the rest of the boat’s structure. Just after the collision the winds were 25 to 30 knots and the boats was traveling at about 20 knots Vincent was not able to check the damage. When he fi nally was able to do so, he found that the


Country Type FRA Foiler

GB Foiler FRA

FRA Foiler FRA

Distance Distance to leader to fi nish 8914


1265.8 1270.9 1947.7


10180 10185 10862

Photo by: Marine Nationale/Nefertiti #Vendee Globe

axis to the keel was damaged and there was a possibility of the keel breaking completely away from the racer. After retiring, he head- ed PRB for Cape Town where repairs were to be made before heading back to France. The leaders are getting further away

from those in the middle pack as they got bogged down in the St. Helena high. 23 November (Day 18): EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD (Sebastien Josse, French) was in third place doing over 20 knots, when he struck an unknown object, which damaged the system that keeps the rudders down. After making repairs, which took four hours to complete, he was back racing. The three leaders HUGO BOSS, BAN- QUE POPILAIRE VIII and EDMUND DE ROTHSCHILD were adding to their lead as they were in front of the low pressure system that has slowed the racers behind them. 24 November (Day 19): HUGO BOSS

sets the record for the Vendee Globe from the start to the Cape of Good Hope with a time of 17 days, 22 hours and 58 minutes breaking the former record by more than fi ve days. We also learn that SAFRAN (Morgan

Lagraviere) had radioed his shore side team that his steering was damaged by hitting a submerged object while doing about 25 knots. The damage was so severe that he was forced to withdraw from the race. As for Americans, Rich Wilson he has moved into the 18th

position. 25 November (Day 20): All wondered C o n t e n t s

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how long HUGO BOSS would be able to hold the lead despite the damage to his starboard foil. On this day BANQUE PO- PILAIRE VIII was just 40 miles back and gaining. They along with EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD were looking for the best way to enter the Indian Ocean depression. These front three keep putting more distance between them and those behind. As the day wore on HUGO BOSS

added to his lead, but EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD was slipping further back as it seemed like this was turning into a two boat race. 26 November (Day 21): HUGO BOSS

lost miles to BANQUE POPILAIRE VIII and now just 20 miles separated the two. 27 November (Day 22): The front

runners had been slowed by lighter winds, which gave hope to those behind. PRB (Vincent Riou), who retired four

days before due to keel damage, has arrived in Cape Town. BANQUE POPILAIRE VIII takes over

fi rst place, but this was short lived as HUGO BOSS took the lead back later in the day with a lead of 16 miles. Those in 11th

to 23rd will sail into a high,

which will slow them down considerably. The International Jury penalized Jer-

emie Beyou two hours for accidentally breaking the seal on his engine.

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