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publication, completely unconnected with any publication, past or present. Now in our 26th Year

No part of this publication may be reproduced or used without the express permission of the publisher. Every effort is made to ensure that the articles and advertisements that are carried are authentic, however the publisher of Around Saddleworth Magazine accepts no responsibility for claims made


The Advertiser is solely responsible for supplying suitable copy (including any artwork which way be required to be reproduced appropriate to the printing process) within a reasonable time before the publication date and prior to the copy deadline date. In the event of the Publisher not receiving suitable copy by the copy deadline date the Publisher reserves the right to print either

1 1 The Name, address, telephone number and basic business category details of the Advertiser (if supplied)

or 1.2 other information, artwork or other material relating to the Advertiser, which the Publisher is able to obtain from sources generally available to the public In such circumstances, to the extent that the Advertiser shall own (or shall be deemed to own) intellectual property rights is such information, artistic/literary works or other material, the Advertiser shall be deemed to have granted to the Publisher a perpetual, irrevocable, royally-tree licence to reproduce such works and to exploit such intellectual property rights for the purposes of that particular publication only. The Advertiser in accepting these terms also agrees to indemnify the Publisher against all cost, expenses, damages, fees and penalties which the publisher may incur of suffer an a result of the Publisher's use of such publicly-available material.

or 1.3 A previous advertisement printed on behalf of the Advertiser by the Publisher, and in respect of any case the Publisher will not be responsible for any error or omission arising there from. Effective notice of the copy deadline date will be deemed to have been given by the Publisher by sending written notice thereof by email or personally to the Advertiser at the address on the order form

2 The Publisher reserves the right to include an index to the advertisements in the publication and will not be responsible to any Advertiser for any error or omission there from.

3. The Publisher reserves the right to position the advertisement an it sees fit notwithstanding any preferred position requested by the Advertiser

4 The Publisher does not accept liability for delays in publication. It is hereby agreed that delays in publication will not constitute a breach of this contract,

5. The order form, including these Terms and Conditions, constitutes the contract between the Advertiser and the Publisher and no employee or agent purporting to represent the Publisher has any right to vary the said Terms and Conditions unless confirmation for any special agreement is gives in writing by a Partner of the Company.

6. This contract shall be governed by the laws of England and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

7. AIl artwork provided by the Advertiser to the Publisher shall remain the property of the Advertiser and shall remain at all times at the Advertiser's risk. The Publisher does not accept liability for any damage or loss whilst in its custody nor during transit

8. Acceptance by the publisher of an order form is conditional upon either, , (i) permission being given by the Authority for the advertisement to appear is the publication or (ii) sufficient numbers of Advertisers being obtained to complete the publication if either condition is unfulfilled any monies paid by the Advertiser will be refunded by the Publisher is full and the Publisher shall have no further liability whatsoever

9. I the event that the Advertiser has not discharged all its liabilities to the Publisher arising from any other contract the Advertiser may have with the Publisher or any of fits subsidiaries or associated companies, the Publisher reserves the right not to publish any advertisement on behalf of the Advertiser. Any deposit paid will not be refunded

10. Payment for any advertisement is to be made on receipt of invoice which will be issued by the Publisher on receipt of order. Mechanical Data.

COPY SUPPLIED FOR AD CREATION. In order for us to create your advertisement please supply all graphical files at a high resolution (300dpi) and large file size. File formats, EPS. Tiff and Jpeg, Pantone references for corporate colours, and a rough layout of how you would like your advert.

COPY SUPPLIED AS COMPLETE ARTWORK In order for us to output your advertisement correctly please supply Acrobat pdf High-res (300dpi) all colours CMYK. Please ensure that all levels are flattened when outputting artwork

NOTE We cannot accept advertisements produced in Microsoft Publisher or Word

COMPETITION NOTE No members of staff, family or friends of any company offering free competitions in this magazine are allowed to enter the relevant competition.

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Many thanks to Sarah Lewis of Purpleface Photography for supplying our lovely front cover photo.

Happy New Year to one and all

What a Christmas! Like many of you I've certainly done too much good living over December, so now is certainly the time to get on the old walking boots and get out there....I don't think I'm at the running shoe stage quite yet but good luck to those of you that are!

On behalf of everyone at the magazine, may I be one of the first to welcome you to 2017, and I hope it will be an excellent year for us all. 2016 was a great year with plenty to enjoy both locally and further afield. Many thanks once again for those of you came along to our 25th Anniversary party in Uppermill in November. It was great to see some familiar old faces, as well as some new ones too. We would also like to thanks the Saddleworth Museum for allowing us to host the event without forgetting Andy Watson at BED for providing us some plenty of mouthwatering canapes....Cheers guys!

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the recent floods, and now the better weather has returned (for now), we're hoping this is going to be a great year for the area, especially with all the many events planned throughout the year in and around this beautiful part of the country.

As always, we have plenty of local stories and features inside for you to read and enjoy...including a number of FREE to enter competitions with some excellent prizes up for grabs. So get involved as you have to be in it to win it this 2017!

We would like to welcome all our new advertisers to the magazine, and we hope that by working with us you will see the benefits of featuring in our glossy publication, and of course all our existing advertisers for their valued custom! Finally we would like to thank all the people who make this magazine what it is today...YOU....Our darling readers.

Please remember, if you belong to charity, sports club or are involved in any kind of fund raising activity, then please do give us a call or send us an email. We will be only too happy to help if we can.

So Happy New Year once again! See you in the Spring and here's to the next 25 years!


We aim to give a friendly,

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personal and committed service

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