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Ready for the New Year ahead by Carita Smith

We are enjoying our new base at the Satellite Centre in Greenfield; We visited Ikea for some new things and Rob has been busy building new store cupboards.

Again we have been busy out and about in the community. We have visited some fabulous places and have been made very welcome; we can certainly vouch for many of the lovely tea rooms around Saddleworth!

A highlight for us was a visit to the fairy sanctuary in Delph, it was a magical experience. We also joined a fun workshop in the Cellar Pot Cafe with the lovely Jenny, who was dressed as a Christmas Tree and made some lovely Christmas decorations.

I think we told you last time we were looking forward to a visit from Dogs for Good; Cathy, one of their volunteer puppy socialisers, visited us and brought two of her dogs, Frankie and Zebedee. We had a lovely afternoon and learned a lot, with our members asking some very interesting questions. Following the visit we are delighted to say we are now sponsoring a puppy and look forward to sharing news about the puppy with you. Once

fully trained, the dogs support people with additional needs and are able to help with everyday tasks, for example, crossing the road, taking laundry out of the washing machine and picking up items from the floor.

Oldham Chiropractors came along to the Centre and delivered a useful and informative interactive presentation on posture, showing us all the best ways to sit, stand and lie down in bed. We were given a stretchy band to do some exercises to practice and develop better posture. It's always a pleasure to see Hannah and her colleagues and learn from them. Sarah from Inspire Languages ran a French language session, and we practiced our numbers and had an amazing afternoon of fun. Our friends Jen and Dawn from Dance Syndrome came along for a visit, it was lovely to see them again and swap ideas, we are looking forward to working with them during the coming year. Jenny performed some interactive dancing. Part of the purpose of their most recent visit was to meet Richard, who wants to help people set up their own enterprises and came along to hear our experiences.

Since we last spoke to you we have had a few trips out. We have been to Hebden Bridge and Albert Dock; we have had a farm visit and cinema and theatre trips. We also visited the Velodrome in Manchester, some lovely garden centres and markets. Our members loved Hard Graft's production of Pinocchio performed at the Oldham Library. We are already looking forward to future productions by Mark at Hard Graft.

Have you been to the new cinema in Oldham, it's a great venue; we enjoyed seeing the movie The Trolls. We combined our visit to the theatre with a visit to the Molino Lounge and were delighted to be made so welcome; it was lovely to relax and enjoy lovely food at very

reasonable prices.

Health and nutrition are very important to us here at Funky Fitness, we continue to enjoy regular supermarket shopping trips, choosing lovely healthy items which we cook for our lunches.

As you know our members love to show off their many talents and I am delighted to say that we have taken part in a couple more shows recently, and received great reviews. We performed at Talbot House, Manchester, a charity supporting parents and carers. Our members showcased their own dance routines to some popular 1940s numbers; we did some magic, incorporating a poem and performance on the real meaning of Christmas. Along with Barbara Ann, author of the Policeman Pete books, we performed our dramatised version of The Cheeky Magpie to the children of Diggle School. It's a challenging and interactive way to bring the characters of the book to life and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We hope to work with Barbara and other local schools during 2017.

We are very proud of Mikey, one of our members, he was involved in the hugely successful production of the Grinch at the Grange Theatre during December.

Mindful of other people not as fortunate as ourselves; we went shopping one day to buy food for the homeless which was distributed on our behalf. We also plan to visit the food bank on Clegg Street in Oldham, delivering much needed items and hope to develop closer links with the charities during 2017.

So, 2016 was very busy, 2017 promises to be just as busy and exciting for us here at Funky Fitness and Fun. Keep a look out for us and do say "hello". We do enjoy our little chats when we are out and about!


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