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furnishings to luxury hotels, restaurants and retail boutiques. HKP now have local representation in London and are making headway bringing their unique and upscale services to the UK. Founders Richard and Joanna Moreau and Hernan Zanghellini are genuine globetrotters, ensuring that wherever their business develops, they are there to offer a professional, personal service. Catching up with Joanna in London, GS had the opportunity to ask a number of questions about the company.


What is your background? We come from quite diverse cultural backgrounds. Richard is from France, Hernan from Chile, and I’m from South Africa. We moved abroad in our twenties to develop our careers in design and architecture. In the early 2000’s Richard left Paris, I left London where I was living, and Hernan moved from Sydney, all meeting up in Brunei where we worked on key projects for the Royal Family. Hernan was the first to move to Hong Kong in 1997, and Richard and I began working in Hong Kong in 2004. We founded HKP International with the

main objective to manufacture high quality custom-made furniture in China for our clients. Our reputation has grown over the years largely due to a steady flow of exciting and diverse opportunities, enabling us to develop our skills and experience. I’m principally involved on the production

side, Richard on marketing and finance, while Hernan focuses on business development since he’s the Number One F&B designer in Hong Kong, having designed over 400 restaurants in Asia!

What are the advantages of manufacturing overseas? We see that manufacturing in China affords our clients a tighter control of their project costs when they need to provide bespoke and high spec FF&E for their projects. Tey are able to do more for less. Custom-made furniture and lighting manufacturing is extremely time consuming and therefore costly to produce, particularly when quantities are small. Tis is where we are competitive on price.

n our last edition we highlighted Hong Kong based HKP International Ltd., a company that is already hugely successful in Asia and Australia supplying high end furniture and

Does this create potential logistical problems? Not at all, as while some may view China as a massive country that is unstructured and disorganised, it’s the reverse actually. China can be highly competitive when it comes to time management and handling critical elements that make up the process of delivering bespoke furniture to a project. Te fact we are able to be present in the factory at all critical stages in a very organised way means we can ensure there are no delays in shipping out the products. We also have highly experienced logistics partners who understand how critical it is to have a smooth custom clearance and delivery process.

What is your process? We begin by understanding the clients’ requirements in terms of specifications. As we work with many commercial, hospitality and retail clients, we discuss the delivery time as well as budget. Keeping that in mind, we begin drawing, reviewing the finishes and creating prototypes. We go into production after full approval. Once in production, we submit quality control reports for our clients on a regular basis. Tis is to ensure the client is updated on every step of the process. We conduct stringent quality controls on the products, and we ensure that all the items are packaged properly. Labelling is customised and

we send our clients a container-loading diagram to ensure a smooth offloading when the order arrives on site.

What is your range in terms of products? We offer a range of metal, timber and upholstered furniture, custom-designed rugs and carpets, as well as decorative lighting. We recently started offering a range of artwork that we think will complement the budget and the tastes of our clients.

Who have you supplied to date in the UK? We’ve worked on a number of different hospitality and residential projects in the UK. Hotels include the Athenaeum Hotel and City Inn Westminster, Te Grove near Watford and Ellenborough Park Hotel in Cheltenham. Residential projects have been completed on behalf of Morpheus Developments and Wilben in London, and Finchatton Developments in London and in the Bahamas.

Some UK furniture manufacturers maintain that products made in Asia are generally cheaper because they’re lower in quality. Is that true? Like everywhere else in the world, quality varies. China has a strong market for high-end quality products coming out of small factories. As our manufacturing facility is small with a

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