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Marksmanslingsprovide aversatileoption

AT A GLANCE Weight: 240g Operating Temperature: minus 40 to 60ºC • Chemical resistant • Modular design • 12-month guarantee • Made in Finland

Both the original 3HGRsling and its newLightHarness have been well received among hunters and are nowfinding favourwith military and lawenforcement buyers around theworld.

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roudly designed and made in Finland, the 3HGR Marksman is a versatile gun rest and carrying system that shooters just can’t get enough of. Made from high-grade materials, the finished

design and versatility make 3HGR’s Marksman an excellent accessory for any sniper/designated Marksman rifle. It combines a modified 3HGR light harness with a small

Picatinny-compatible aluminium part – meaning that the Marksman off ers both the carrying and gun rest features. The idea followed a number of requests for a product that could be easily used with a Picatinny rail.

VERSATILE GUN REST Demanding conditions in the wilderness oſten require improvised shooting positions to get above the undergrowth or other obstacles. The 3HGR Marksman

will enable you to use trees, poles, beams and other vertical objects for additional support. As a result, it is possible to deliver an accurate shot from a variety of shooting positions, shoot upwards or downwards at steep angles, rapidly switch between targets and even shoot at moving targets. It is also bipod

compatible – you can place the aluminium part behind your bipods and still use it effectively.

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HARNESS Everyone who has carried a rifle for more than a mile knows how hard it can be on your shoulder. You can easily transform the 3HGR into a harness that will distribute the weight of the gun across both shoulders and makes carrying it a lot more balanced and comfortable – just place the support strap over your other shoulder. The difference compared to a traditional gun sling is said to be phenomenal, especially with suppressed or heavy rifles.

SAFETY SLING When you truly need to keep your hands free. Sometimes geting to a

good firing position may require overcoming natural or urban obstacles and crossing rough terrain. In the most challenging situations, you can use the 3HGR as a safety sling. Using it as a safety sling means that your gun will stay steady, and safe, on your back at all times, allowing you to keep your hands free.

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