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Threedecadesofshooting sightsfromShield

Shield Sightsmarked its 30th anniversary in November and, over that time, has developed its product range tomeet new demandswhile strengthening its relationshipswith customers.

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eremy White launched Shield in November 1986 and quickly tasted success through close relationships with the UK Special Forces, where it created early suppressors for the Accuracy International rifles provided to the UK Ministry Of Defence.

This connection was also down to Jeremy shooting with

the late Malcolm Cooper, who won three consecutive gold medals for Great Britain at the Olympic Games. Originally a gunmaker, Shield made weapons throughout

the 1980s from its then base in Poole, Dorset, using the combined 70 years of shooting experience of Jeremy and son James. The pair have both competed for the UK at IPSCWorld

Shoot and European Championship matches. Jeremy’s experience also extends to being the

international sales manager at STI and later SVI and in 1996 he returned to develop the red-dot sight business as Firepoint, signing the first deals with Tasco for the Optima 2000.


Two decades on and Shield Sights has developed and improved the originalmini red dot inmanyways,adding the CQB (Close QuarterBatlesight),CQS (Close Quarter Sports-sight),SIS (Switchable Interface Sight) and the RMS (ReflexMini Sight) to its product line,making it one of the very fewcompanies that focuses solely onminiature sighting devices. All the products that are designed and sold

by Shield have been created by real shooters, who take great pride in offering solutions earlier than its competitors. Ideas like theMOS plate,whichmeans its SMS and RMS can be mounted lowenough to use standard- height iron sights,

which not only look great but are also very effective because it enables a faster transition fromirons to a red dot, reducing training time and cost. Shield alsomakes adaptor plates to fit the

CQS and SIS to and quick-detachmounts designed for theAimpoint T1 or T2, giving customers the freedomto use any current mounting solutions they have or buy a specific QDsolution. In fact, it offers about 30mount solutions for each of the SMS/RMS and CQS/ SIS,with design focused on ensuring the sight is as lowas it can be for the equipment it is beingmounted to. Thesemounts include aluminiumversions

of the freely supplied Picatinny, triple height, polymermount,plusmounts to fit directly to specific guns like pistols,HKMP5s and the like. There are solutions to fit to any scope tube and to specific combat optics like the Browe BCO and Elcan Spectre.There is even a universal shotmount for the SMS/RMS to fit to any over-and-under shotgunwith a rib.

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