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Takingalookthrough theLeupoldMark6scope

It’s no secret thatmilitary, lawenforcement and competitive shooters have been looking for the ideal riflescope to engage close tomid-range targets, which iswhy Leupold developed theMark6 1-6x20mm.


he 1-6 magnification of this scope is ideal for close to intermediate target engagements, making it an excellent choice for both light and heavy combat carbines.

Weighing in at 17.6oz and having an overall length of just

10.3 inches, it is gaining a loyal following by law enforcement and competitive three-gunners. Leupold didn’t pull any punches when designing this

riflescope. It began with a one-piece,34mm main tube craſted out of aircraſt-grade aluminium for unrivalled durability that delivers over 37 mils of adjustment. From there it installs lead-free, edge-blackened lenses

with Xtended Twilight and DiamondCoat 2 lens coatings that optimise light transmission in low-light conditions, provide unparalleled scratch resistance and offer a crystal-clear image throughout the magnification range. This is topped off with an exclusive argon/krypton gas

blend that reduces the diffusion of internal gases, resists thermal shock more effectively than nitrogen, and provides 100 per centwaterproof integrity. Once the Mark 6 1-6x20mmis mounted on a rifle,

its long list of features begins to present itself. The eyepiece contains a locking, fast-focus diopter

adjustment that offers up a generous 3.7 inches of eye relief. Directly in front of that is an oversized power selector that can be easily grasped for smooth magnification adjustment. The indicator at the front of the

power selectorwas designed to sit at the 12 o’clock position when set to 1x so you can confirm your magnification without having to look at the dial. The Mark 6 1-6 is

available in three front focal reticle configurations and features a seven-stage illuminator, operated with a CR2032 batery that ranges from daylight bright to night-vision compatible.

The first reticle – the TMR-D – features

an illuminated centre dot for rapid target acquisition on low power and milling scale when the magnification is turned up.

The other two reticles are the CMR-W5.56 and the CMR-W7.62, both

cartridge-specific and a natural progression of the very popular CM-R2 reticle design. Shooters requested the inclusion of 10 and 20mph wind holds into the

reticle, as well as additional ranging features. The CMR-W reticle comprises a 0.5 MOA dot surrounded by a 5.0 MOA

circle for a perfect combination of precision and speed. There are two MIL scales included in the reticle, hash marks on the

horizontal stadia, along with a vertical bar on the leſt side above the main horizontal line. These elements can be used for both calculating distance and measuring objects downrange. The tic marks on the vertical stadia serve a dual purpose, allowing the

user to quickly estimate the distance to 18in targets while serving as precise holdover points for targets between 300 and 1,200 metres (900 metres for CMR-W 5.56). The horizontal bars down the leſt side of the reticle are also 18 inches

long at distance, and additionally there are 4in x 4in squares located 12 inches above this horizontal line for additional range estimation options. For best results, the CMR-Wreticle should be zeroed at 200 metres, allowing the centre point of the reticle to also serve as a 50m aiming point.

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AT A GLANCE Tube Diameter: 34mm Adjustment Click Value: 2/10 MIL Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated with DiamondCoat 2 Warranty: Limited lifetime Batery Type: CR2032 Lithium Fast-Focus Eyepiece: Yes

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