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Suppressorsinmilitary andlawenforcement

For some time suppressorsweremainly used by special operations units. However,more andmore conventional units are also using suppressors today and FinnishmanufacturerAseUtra iswell placed in this sector.

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ound suppressors have other benefits, not just the actual sound suppression capability, such as minimising muzzle fl ash, hiding the dust signature, recoil reduction and increasing command and control capability.

Nevertheless, the compensations paid in countries around

the world due to noise-induced hearing loss are staggering, numbering in the hundreds of millions of a particular currency. Sound suppressors, therefore, are a cost-effective way of

combating this, enabling soldiers or law enforcement officers to keep their occupation and, at the same time, reducing the costs spent on hearing loss. Even if a specific country does not have military units on

operational deployments, their law enforcement officers might need to utilise their firearms on any given day.

CHANGES FORCE A RETHINK Many countries have transitioned from 9mmsub- machine-guns to short-barrelled 5.56mm assault rifles and officers are very likely to suffer temporary and permanent hearing loss with these weapons if suppressors are not utilised. Looking at suppressors from a training viewpoint,

in many countries the shooting ranges or training areas are under scrutiny – this applies to both civilian and military and law enforcement use. Suppressors assist in reducing the overall noise

area and enabling the ranges to be kept open and with minimal eff ect on training hours. Modern suppressors are lightweight and compact, enabling full-time use on various weapon types.

AsesepänliikeAseUtraOy T: +358 10 423 8810 | F: +358 13 227 347 | E: |

CHOOSING A SUPPLIER Based in Finland, Ase Utra Oy is one of the largest manufacturers of sound suppressors in the world. Its suppressors have proven

to be extremely durable and reliable products in demanding conditions. These are available for military and law enforcement use, from 9x19mm up to .50 BMG calibre.

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