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WORKING TOGETHER Adele continued: “Customer service is a major part of what we do here. We are always dedicated and flexible for our customers, ensuring we can give them the right solutions, quickly and effectively.We offer advice and information freely about the trends we see on the horizon and keep them appraised of what is happening in particular markets or sectors. This is why we work so closely with our suppliers.” A look around the offices reveals

a wealth of awards and honours, recognising Daniel Technologies’ efforts as a key distributor. The team is justifiably proud of each and every one of them, as they have all been hard earned. Adele confirmed: “Our industry

is very closely linked. If we didn’t deliver whatwas required and when itwas needed, then word would get around very quickly. As it is, we have a very good reputation for what we do.”

KEY CHALLENGES Elaine added: Legislation and compliance has become one of the biggest challenges to face us over the past six years. “New EU legislation regarding movement of goods via airline transport alone has made us think IATA training for all staff in 2017. “We enjoy steady growth in

our exports and, to continue this pat ern, we must keep up to speed on export/dual use licensing and its parameters for approval. “We enjoy excellent support from

our import and export authorities and it’s important for any company to respect the EU Common Control System and to constantly keep up to speed. “As the world becomes more

unstable, regulation on movement of goods can, in turn, affect long- term projects.”

TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW Sarah, the newest member of the team, having joined in early 2015, has brought her technical knowledge, understanding of digital trends plus marketing and brand skills to the business. It’s a key part of the jigsaw as

the industry moves forward and embraces new ideas. Sarah explained: “We have seen

many businesses using more and more technology in their everyday work, so it is only a mater of time before products follow suit and make use of the latest technological advancements. “A major factor is having the

awareness and understanding to spot what is happening out there, with regards to new products and technology – people are relying on distributors like us to know what is available and what solutions may be coming down the line. “Having said that, we don’t just

go out and buy ‘the latest thing’ – we research, evaluate and ensure it is right for us to stock and to recommend to our customer base.” Adele agreed: “Although we keep

up to date with all the latest trends, we won’t necessarily commit to a brand unless we have thought long and hard about it. Sometimes it’s not about being the first with a product or trend but being the one with something that has been operationally tested.” Sarah continued: “The expansion

Adele Colney and Stephen

Roewith another award for distributionsuccess.

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT Stephen said: “There have always been – and will be – new challenges to get your head around and understand and the latest technology definitely forms part of this mind-set; everything is going hi-tech or integrated. “It means we have to continue to change how we approach business,

so we needed to diversify.We looked at the way some product lines are interacting. “We no longer supply just a ballistic helmet to our customer base, but

a complete system: the helmet (TeamWendy), with a Core Survival/ Streamling illumination device, MOHOC camera, integrated Peltor headset and NV mount. It’s eff ectively a full package that includes delivery, support (including IT) and end-user training.” The talk of new technologies doesn’t faze the team. Far from it. In fact, it is buoyed by the opportunities that it sees available in the

future. Aſter all, Daniel Technologies has spent 15 years adapting to changes in the market and these will inevitable continue.

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allows us the ability and more time to continually look at what is happening out there and stay ahead of the game, which benefits everyone in the supply chain.”

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