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Premiumproducts for tacticalusage

Rusan brands are notonlywell known across the hunting sector for

theirmounts, rings and rails but they are becoming a real force to be reckonedwith in themilitary and tactical sectors too.

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CLAMPING ADAPTOR The Rusan clamping adaptor for clip-on night vision and thermal devices was the first of its kind in early 2009 and today it is still thought by many to be the best solution on the market. If one wants to connect

night vision or thermal clip-on devices to a daytime riflescope and perfect precision is the goal, the only proper solution is Rusan adaptor. It has been successfully

used on big calibres like .338 and .50 by special forces, with perfect functionality and no slipping off from the daytime scope. Adaptors are available

in many sizes (diameters) to suit all popular riflescopes on the market. Because of its thin wall, it can be used on very low- mounted rifl escopes. In combination with a

proper thread reducing ring, it is suitable for all clip-on devices from night vision and thermal vision makers.


any will know the Rusan brand in the hunting sector for its riflescope mounts, scope rings, Picatinny rails

and many more products dedicated to hunters and shooters. Alongside this, however, it also

offers premium tactical solutions for Special Forces and the military sector. The whole company, along with

its production facility, is situated in Croatia, a small European country beside the Adriatic Sea. Some of the company’s products

have already been proven and confirmed by professional users in the sector. Indeed, it already has dealers and distributors throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, China, all European countries and more.


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1. Tactical Picatinny rings 2. Roll-off rings – quick release 3. Pivot mount 4. Rear base for pivot mount 5. Tactical one-piece quick-release mount – Picatinny 6.Weaver plate 7. Roll-off mount with extension – quick release 8. Pivot mount 9. Sight mount 10. Front base for pivot mount

TACTICAL ONE-PIECE PICATINNY MOUNTS The manufacture of a scope mount is a very simple and easy procedure. The making of a premium tactical scope mount with perfect characteristics and guaranteed precision is another story, which can be done only with a lot of effort, the newest technology and by using high-grade materials. By using a combination of high-grade aluminium

and steel machined on the latest CNC machines, Rusan tactical one-piece Picatinny mounts offer the perfect balance between weight and durability. There is wide range of combinations with diff erent

diameter, height and MOA. As well as the quick-release version, a fixed version with screws is also available.

Rusan&Mikron d.o.o. T: +385 49 301692 | E: |


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