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their enemies, prophets and priests to lead to social justice, and spiritual revival and re- newal. Instead of responding to the initiative of God, the people continued to rebel and revolt against the redemptive plan of God only to be kicked out of their promised land to live in a strange and foreign land. It was in the context of the silence of God for 400 years, without any prophecy and revelation of God to humanity, that God in human flesh as God-Man with the name Jesus came to this world to mediate between God and hu- manity.

Rev. Dr. R. Jeyaraj


mediator is one who mediates be- tween two parties to bring them into either an agreement or reconcilia- tion. Jesus, as the mediator, medi-

ated for us in three ways.

esus, the Mediator between God and Humanity

God created everything for humanity and made humanity the ruler as well as the stew- ard of the earth. God created them in His im- age and likeness to be the crown of all crea- tion and enjoy the presence and fellowship of God. But this fellowship and relationship between God and man was broken as a re- sult of sin. God raised different godly lead- ers like Noah, Abraham, Moses and others to lead the people and to restore their relation- ship with God.

God also raised judges to judge the people, kings to rule and protect the people from

The Oracles / December 2016 6

Jesus, as the Son of God represented and demonstrated the love and power of God to all people of the society, especially the marginalized poor people like Samaritans, tax collectors, women, lepers and the wid- ows so that their lost human identity and dig- nity might be restored to them. Jesus, as the Son of Man represented humanity to God. Thus Jesus, as the Son of God and Son of Man, broke the middle wall of sin and enmity between God and humanity. He mediated and reconciled God with humanity and hu- manity with God.


esus, the Mediator between the Jews and the Gentiles

Jesus was also the mediator between the Jews and the Gentiles and Samaritans of his time. The Jews hated the non-Jews, and treated them as dogs. The Jews questioned Jesus for his association and socialization with the Gentiles and Samaritans. Even the Samaritan woman was scared and reluctant to dialogue with Jesus saying, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan. How can you ask me water?” Peter, the leader of the apos- tles, states this social taboo and discrimina- tion when he entered Cornelius’ house. Je- sus broke this middle wall of partition and hostility to bring reconciliation not only be- tween God and humanity, but between the Jews and the Gentiles. Ephesians 2: 14


esus, the Mediator between Heaven and Earth

Jesus not only mediated between God and humanity but also between two worlds- heaven and earth. It is Jesus who has experi- enced both heaven and earth. Jesus came

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