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brought a permanent and eternal solution. After completing the work, Jesus sat beside the right hand of the Father. In His perfect sacrifice, we have the permanent and eter- nal solution. This is the glorious truth and gos- pel.

2 Rev. Dr. Dasan Jeyaraj


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acrifice is both inclusive of and inte- gral to the religious systems of the world. However, Jesus becomes the most perfect sacrifice of all the reli-

gions of the world. God began the sacrifi- cial system. When Adam and Eve needed to cover their shame, God made a sacrifice. The worship system in the Old Testament be- gins with the sacrifice given by Abel (Abel made a better sacrifice – Hebrews 11:4). Isaac was the forerunner of the sacrifice of Jesus. The Old Testament is filled with details regarding sacrificial systems. Then, how does Jesus become the perfect sacrifice?

It was perfect because it was permanent (He- brews 10:2)

The sacrifices in the Old Testament had to be repeated every year.

It did not offer a

permanent solution to the sins of the peo- ple and of humanity. The sacrifice did not have any inherent value as it was merely a shadow. It was insufficient to take away the sins. The high priest repeated the ministry of sacrifice year after year in the temple and he had to atone for his sins before offering the sacrifice for the nation of Israel. Jesus, a sinless saviour, through his perfect sacrifice

The Oracles / December 2016 2

It was perfect because it was precious and costly (I Peter 1:18-19)

The people in the Old Testament brought a substitute, a goat for the sacrifice. In Je- sus, we witness the merger of the priest and the substitute. It became one. Jesus was the perfect high priest and gave His perfect body as a perfect sacrifice. It was the very own physical body of Jesus.


It was perfect because it was a pleasing sac- rifice (Romans 12:1-2)

The Levitical Laws of the Old Testament could not fulfil the demands of the Holy God. Jesus Christ on the cross met the requirements of the wages of the sins of the whole world (the past, present and future). He made the im- possible, possible. It was pleasing because it was a holistic sacrifice – he was chosen to be a sacrifice before the foundation of the world, he obeyed the will of the Father, he fulfilled the plans and purposes of the Father and he surrendered his entire body. It was both a physical and a spiritual act of sacri- fice.


hat does this mean to us today during this Christmas season?

The perfect sacrifice is over and it is once and for all. We too are called upon to offer perfect sacrifice to God. Psalm 107:21-22 in- vites us to offer our sacrifices of thanksgiving. What is this?

1. Romans 12:1-2

Present yourself (person) as sacrifice to the Lord

2. Hebrews 13:15

We can offer our praises as sacrifice 3. Hebrews 13:16

We can tender our possessions as sacrifice

Christmas is a time of celebration. Let us of- fer our PERSONS, PRAISES & POSSESSIONS as a sacrifice to God and celebrate the joy of giving.

It was without

any blemish and it was spotless. It was a costly sacrifice.

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