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age, couldn’t manage their own lives let alone God’s creation, and things began to fall apart.


hat God has done to save man from sin: The situation seems hopeless. Man is a

sinner under sin’s power and there can be no question of rescuing himself. And since God is righteous, He could have condemned the sinful world.

But the good news is that God did not con- demn as to destroy the world, but acted in the world’s history as to change the whole situation.

The Most Rev. Dr. Duraisingh James



hat sin has done to man: “Therefore, just as through one man

sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.” Romans 5:12

As the above verse says, just as sin entered the world through one man, it spread to all men. The effects of the fall are numerous and are far reaching. Sin has affected every aspect of our being. It has affected our lives on earth and our eternal destiny.

he effect of sin upon man: - Sin kills - Sin darkens the mind and our entire life. - Sin separates. - Sin finally sends us to hell.

Sin has entered the human race, and it didn’t take long for corruption. It spawned to spread and defile God’s creation. Like a cancerous tumour, evil infected civilization and brought death wherever it went. God’s vice-regents on earth, created in God’s im-


He did not spare his own son but sent him in the likeness of sinful human flesh. He was subject to the conditions and temptations of a human. But where man was disobedient, Christ was obedient. Where man had been defeated by sin and death, Christ lived vic- torious.

God took initiative and entered the enemy - occupied territory, defeated its tyrants, re- leased their captives, opened the way into a new life. The effect of God’s acts on the sinner are described mainly in three meta- phors:


Redemption: Man was a slave to sin, death, the law and wrath of God’s judgement but he is set free through Christ.


Justification: Man is a sinner. God is holy and a righteous judge, but because the cross is a revelation of God’s righteousness, man can be acquitted, forgiven and ac- cepted.


Reconciliation: Man is estranged from God, an enemy under His wrath. But

through Christ, God has removed all barri- ers and man can access His presence and have peace with Him.

Thus, God then has done for man what man could never do for himself, through his only son Jesus Christ. We are forced to know with- out Christ there is no redemption, justification and reconciliation.

The Oracles / December 2016

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