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s a child, Christmas had always been about the cold weather, the holidays, the half-yearly exams, the cake baking with mummy, the iden- tical new clothes me and my brother got and of course the mandatory early morning service nap. As a teenager, things slightly changed and a visit to the barber a day before Christmas (hoping that he would not mess my hair up), and riding a bike and get- ting that 50 rupees as allowance for carol rounds meant so much more than the cake that we were now forced to bake. As I grew slightly older, questions such as what is Christ- mas and why do we celebrate Christmas made sense and I started understanding that God out of his love for mankind sent His Son as a sacrifice for my sins, so I can freely have access to Him. Today Christmas to me means a time of fellowship and knowing that God is a good Father and out of His love for mankind everything is paid for by His Son.

PS. Today, I don’t sleep during the services, and I don’t share identical clothes with my brother.


s the month of December begins, the winter chills and Christmas cheer is all over the place. As a kid, I used to wait for Christmas all year as we

get a lot of holidays. I would get so excited to decorate the house especially putting up the Christmas tree, buying new clothes, helping mummy in preparing all the pala- garams at home, not to forget the different programs at church I looked forward to par- ticipate in and be a part of. But as I grew up I came to know the true meaning of Christ- mas. Christmas is not only about the cele- brations; I came to know that Christ is not just born in the manger but Christ must be born in our hearts. That is the true joy and hap- piness, and only then does the celebration begin. It is not the celebrations alone but also to spread the love and good news with cheer saying that Christ loves us so much and was born to save us.

As we celebrate Christmas this year let’s not forget that JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THIS SEASON.

23 The Oracles / December 2016

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