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It is very important to celebrate Christmas because it is believed to be the day our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was born. If Jesus did not come into this world, there would be no salvation for mankind. Therefore Christ- mas is important. Christmas makes us joyful. We forget our disputes and fights, and joy- fully celebrate with our friends, relatives and even enemies.

– Ebin

Christmas is a season of joy. We celebrate Christmas because it was the day Jesus was born. It was the day Jesus came down to earth. He came down to earth to purify us and cleanse us from our sins. When he was born, people were very happy, rejoicing that the Saviour had come down to earth. Be- cause it was a very auspicious day, we cel- ebrate this day as Christmas; rejoicing and enjoying the fact that the King was born. On this day, all family members, cousins, friends, and everybody else meet and have a get- together. I’m really very glad that the King of Kings came down to purify us and lead us in the right way. We also get many gifts.

– Syria

It’s the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a season of joy and happiness. It is a very memorable day for everyone.

– Eashanii

Christmas fills our hearts with joy. Christmas matters to me because it is not only a time for decoration, new things etc. but also for learning from the life of Jesus. It is the time to share, love, give, and be kind. It is the time our Saviour Jesus was born. It is the best time to enjoy carolling, gifts, tasty cakes and new things. Christmas reminds us to be humble.

– Dorothy

This day Jesus Christ was born and it will al- ways be a memorable day for everyone. If Jesus was not born that day, we all would not be as blessed as we are today. Christ- mas is the day a miraculous man/God was born

– Violet

Christmas for all of us begins on the 1st of December and goes all the way to 31st of December. The whole month is filled with cheers and our home is decorated - the star, the tree, the lights, and apart from all this, the GIFTS! All of us wait for Christmas because of the gifts we receive from family, friends, rela-

The Oracles / December 2016 18

tives etc. Making, distributing, and receiving sweet meats is a very fun experience we all have together. The late night carolling is so much fun! We’re all so overwhelmed by these things that the true meaning is hidden somewhere. Jesus was born on this day, and he brought so much happiness. We are free from sin, but it’s our choice to live on the path he paved for us by his death, or live in this world driven by the sin around us.

– Sheryl

Decorations, a star outside, a lovely tree full of ornaments, there’s hubbub everywhere - these are the signs that Christmas is ap- proaching. Every year there’s so much of commotion for Christmas that I have forgot- ten why it really matters to us. After much thinking I’ve realized, that Christmas is a re- minder for all of us that we have received the gift of salvation. Without Christmas there would be no salvation, nor would we have the Holy Spirit to help us and guide us in eve- ry step; a reminder for all of us to live like Je- sus, a reminder that gives us hope in this dark world, a reminder that we have to be the light of this world, a reminder that we have to be humble. So wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

– Keren

Christmas is the utmost form of the love of God for us. He gave his only son to die for our sins. Christmas is love. Also, never forget the ‘Christ’ in Christmas.

– Rachel

Christmas is not any small matter for me, it is a big matter for all Christians. Christians cele- brate Christmas on December 25th because on that day Jesus was born.

– Steffy

Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness. It

we shop a lot and get many new clothes. The most fun part – decorating the Christmas tree and our house. There are many get-to- gethers where all our cousins meet at one place and have fun. My mom also shares the word of God during the Christmas season. It is the time where we get many gifts and chocolates. Christmas is something where the whole month of December is filled with happiness, and we enjoy a lot. All I would like to say is during Christmas season we enjoy a lot. This is how Christmas matters to me.

– Lystra is because during the Christmas season,

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