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3rd December 2016, Tobacco Dock, London

Organised by: Influential Events Ltd

IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT SCENT! Jack Perfume - Richard E Grant

With leading roles in cult classics such as Withnail and I, Dracula and The Crimson Petal, Richard E Grant is a household name and celebrated actor. However, unbeknown to many is that long before his acting career kicked off he started another journey spanning four and a half decades. The journey to create the perfect scent!

So where did this journey start and why? Rewind to 1969 and a young Richard E Grant aged just 12 had his first crush. Already showing gentlemanly tendencies Richard wanted to buy this girl – an American he met back in Swaziland – a gift. Seemingly already in the know about what to buy a girl he decided perfume to be the perfect way to woo this young lady. However, there

was a problem. Despite selling some of his toys and saving his pocket money he was unable to afford the perfume. His solution……to use rose and gardenia petals, which he found in the house topped with boiled sugar water and left to age in a jam jar which he buried in the garden. Unfortunately for Richard the result could be more accurately described as a slushy stink bomb than a perfume.

Today though things couldn’t be more different and Richard has been able to fulfill his dream which started many decades before with the launch of his multi–award winning, signature fragrance Jack Perfume.


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